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But.. team snagen OP! I thought he was human though.

Team Snagen was the "Team Rocket" equivalent in the Orre Region that the Pokemon Colosseum game took place in.

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Lol, this is my favorite page, I love this comic. 
Yarrix's avatar
Well, he didn't say no to her becoming a Team Member...
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I've gotta go in to the urgent care clinic tomorrow. I hope I can sit really still like Jen. They'll probably use a local anesthetic so it'll probably be fine, but I hope I can be still.
Lupoartistico's avatar
Team Snagem, Team Megans backwards
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Maybe Gengar should rename the team "Team Second Chance"  MercenaryX has a point about Team redeemer. Something along those lines?
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XD There funny. 
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I really hope they decide on a brand new team name omg :heart:
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I want to see Mewtwo, N, and Wes end up as an offical explorer team.
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Dang I think he needs a burn heal for that one
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pfffffffff I love Gengar he's so great
MercenaryX's avatar
Speaking of names I think team redeemer might be a good one. Mostly because I love the theme of forgiveness and redemption in this comic.
residentsmile's avatar
Hey Wes you better have burn heal!
Tarren97's avatar
Hooooooooooooooo boi!
Blueblurbabe's avatar
My brain was overtired when I first read this; I read Team Shagem ;w;
ElectroSkull64's avatar
Ha ha ha xD Gengar made me laugh. And lol Dreamies, when I saw that I instantly thought of cat treats :giggle:
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These wholesome moments
DestinyIsFate's avatar
I love your comics for these moments :)
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