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PMD: VF - 669: Infinite Sky

Victory Fire 669

Rose New pages will be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays, please check back :) (Smile) Rose

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No mega.

Guess the comments were wrong. I'm am shocked!

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I'm reminded of the darkworld and the golden power of the triforce from link to the past. 
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Whoooaaa, suddenly, LIFE!
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Did it work? It looks like, right?

Now, I wonder how is she gonna get down...
Anyone noticed that the Lotus is on a giant time gear? 😱
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Am I the only one who noticed the black crack on her chest?
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It's chest fluff.  Jen has had it from the start as an Audino.  Outside Victini scratching Jen's face, clawing her right arm, and biting said arm, Jen has not suffered any other physical injuries unless it was of the off-screen type (like back during the Destiny Tower expedition -- Jen has had to have been banged up a bit back then though she was probably healed via eating Orans/Sitrus's or by Gardevoir's Heal Pulse).

EDIT - Whoops.  I forgot once Jen stepped on a thorn when Gengar was taking her to Great Canyon back in Book 1.  <.<
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I think that’s fluff, although you could be right...
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Hey jen? I think that worked. Sort of.
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xD Her face in the last panel! "... You've got to be sh-*ing me."
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Mario galaxy?
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Pretty flower o.o and lovely panel layout!
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Oooh ... Pretty.
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O did not see that coming.
Beautiful, nonetheless.
CrystalChell's avatar looks like a lotus flower!
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It looks like its ready to bloom.
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Wonder what will happen if it blooms.
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Hello! Welcome to Poke-Heaven. 
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