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PMD: VF - 566: Night Meeting

Victory Fire 566

Rose New pages will be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays, please check back :) (Smile) Rose

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Darkrai is giggling uwu

Eeveeling101's avatar
That's adorable =w=
Drag0n-Mistr3ss's avatar
Noooo, Boss Kitty has a big boo-boo on his grumpy face and it's just SO CUTE!!! X'D :heart::heart: Brilliantly thought out. ;)
Safire28's avatar
id have to agree! (my god im dieing! XD)
MercenaryX's avatar
Anyone noticed how he looks like Grumpy cat?
Naterasu's avatar
I Said it on Page 573 and ill say it here to Mew Twos Design is based upon the sphinx witch is why he looks like a cat.
MercenaryX's avatar
If I want a spynix Ill go to kory bing's skin deep comic. But I think i see ehat you mean.
Naterasu's avatar
Well more or less his design was inspired by it but it doesnt mean hes directly a sphinx anyways but thats why he has some cat like esc features. Thick thighs, Long feet, Cat like face.
MercenaryX's avatar
And it works out so well, remember the coal on mewtwo?
Naterasu's avatar
Yes i do and when mewtwo's angry he looks like my cat chowder when shes Angry at me :P, And i agree.
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I never thought that Mewtwo was going to be the one that will cheer him up, let alone make him laugh.
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That... was an honest-to-god, non-maniacal laugh. That's amazing. 
Tenshineko01's avatar
lol Darkrai needed a good little laugh.
StormRaven333's avatar
Oh dear lord, Darkrai LAUGHED!!! XD 
I've just finished catching up this comic. It's amazing. Thank you for the great work.
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Darkrai just wants to be a grumpy grump right now, and you ain't helping his case Mewtwo XD
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The expression. That's what makes it so good. It's this mildly annoyed look. a slight frown and eye ridges (he doesn't really have brows) angled down to the center. It's HILARIOUS.
I imagine Darkrai having a feminine voice due to the fact it once formed as a woman when she first appear herself to Gengar. 
Octahazer's avatar
I believe they mentioned Darkrai being a male before?
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I'll be honest, I did laugh
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