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PMD: VF - 399-400: On Thunder's Wings

Celebrating 400 pages with a two page spread!

It's hard to believe it took this long--or indeed, that we even got this far. I've been looking forward to this guy's arrival since the start of Victory Fire.

so, how many people only just realized that VF was actually a Pokemon Colosseum comic all along?

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I just started reading this comic yesterday and I have GOT to say. I. LOVE how much this story leans on the lore of Colosseum and XD. They're some of my favorite games in the series- as well as the most underrated- and seeing someone who has a love and appreciation for them at this level is honestly heartwarming. God bless Wes and god bless Pokemon Colosseum 
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Oh yeah "that guy", what an interesting surprise.
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For some reason, when I saw Wes the John Cena meme played through my head...
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That moment when you've played the games these characters come from and you just can't help but squeel with delight.
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OK, Bonus points for bringing in Wes of all characters.
of course, I KNEW it was going to be him, who else deals with shadow pokemon so swagingly like him?
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Is that the player character from pokemon colosseum in the last panel? 0_0
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NO REALLY? I mean what told you? Cipher organization? Orre man? Maybe it was that he mentioned Pokemon Colosseum in the description?

Captain obvious strikes again
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It was a legitimate question. Cipher organization went over my head and I didn't read the description. Chill :/
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you always should read the discription before asking questions. Spares you from a lot of dumb questions.
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I love this guy, what's his name? Wes?
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Wes? Hoe'd he get to Unova all the way from Orre?
Wes, but what about Michael? You know, the one that captured Shadow Lugia?
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YES!! I was hoping Wes would be in this!!!
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YES!! Wes is here! So happy! :D
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I legit had to take a minute and relieve my sudden influx of emotion (AKA, I spazmed out). I never, in all of my time reading this comic, guessed that Wes would show up. I internally flipped my fucking shit. I love Wes (As in, he's one of my fave characters out of the entire pokemon franchise)
I was not mentally prepared.
Not at all.
What do i do with all of these feels?
 Hand spaz plz 
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PS. I'm a stup for not guessing that he'd show up. Like srsly.
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Freaking waited so long to see Wes appear ever since you first introduced the Shadow Pokemon. :) 
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Alright first, A.) Called it and B.) Shouldn't Wes be like 10 yrs older or something from the time of Colosseum?
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Well, there's not really any specified time between the majority the games. Since Sulfur did mention Lugia being purified by Michael, it would be at maximum that he'd be five years older according to the time between Colosseum and Gale of Darkness.
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Whoops. Minimum I meant.
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Longer than that, but had you done your research you'd know that.
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I have a feeling that those two humans that're Pokemon are going to meet Wes and N. Just a theory. (Yeah I forgot their names XD)
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