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PMD: VF - 398 - Alliance

By sulfurbunny
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Victory Fire 398

Rose New pages will be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays, please check back :) (Smile) Rose

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Thunder brother why is that so cute

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I always wanted a Reshiram...
White apparently didn't have it and Black 2 was the only one I could find... :(
That also means I can't get Latias, my favorite Eon... :( :(
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Are you able to use wifi to trade? Because I probably have a spare one somewhere, if you're not fussed about nature/IVs...
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Black 2 doesn't use Wi-Fi anymore, and I have a Latias in my AS game, anyway, but I can take the Reshiram, I guess...
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is Reshiram "fire sister" or "fire brother?"
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Mightyena-of-HoennHobbyist General Artist
I think it's Wes, considering Reshiram says 'Man' and not something like 'Child'.
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You totally aren't biased XD.
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Mightyena-of-HoennHobbyist General Artist
I know it could be Michael as well, but it just seems unlikely to me.
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Ok. I was just messing with you, since your icon is of Wes.
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It's gotta be Michael. Three reasons and a personal opinion.
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Esper-IsotopesHobbyist Writer
I like that there's a pile of bottles to the side.  I'm having trouble identifying what they are, as I'm not sure what status ailments Mewtwo was suffering from and I don't think they're potions, ah anyway, it doesn't really matter, the point is N was working really hard to get his friend back into shape and I really appreciate that :D
I wish I could enter this comic and hug everybody!  The rest of the cast makes me so happy that I'd even hug Victini XD
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Mewtwo, you're a Pokemon...then again, there are Pokemon like Ninetails in the PMD world who can't let go of a grudge no matter what.
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Death-By-CatBurgerStudent General Artist
My guess is that it's Wes, or maybe Micheal?
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Gonna assume Micheal. He would have the easiest access to Professor Krane's purification notes. It's possible it's Wes, after all if he's well known enough by the lab he could just ask, but I think Micheal is the more likelier choice. 
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Is it Wes? I bet it's Wes.
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SleepySundaeHobbyist Digital Artist
I had automatically assumed that Reshiram called N listener because he listens to Pokemon.  Maybe that's what he meant by "friends?"  I think Reshiram's text is easier to read now.  I do very much like the blunt way he speaks. >w<
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EurekaTrollcatHobbyist General Artist
Being the Dragon of Truth, he would naturally be blunt.
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BlueblurbabeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Daw, du fluff kills meh X3
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IzumiRaichuHobbyist Digital Artist
I decided it's time to come and say how much I enjoy this comic, the style is really pretty and everything from backgrounds to characters looks awesome. You are doing a great job! uvu/
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:3c gosh

Glad to hear it!
There's plenty more to come; VF is not even close to finished yet.
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