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PMD: VF - 320 - What Are You

Victory Fire - 320

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ok that confirms my suspicion that mewtwo is not very well known in this world (or at least in this part of it). i didn't think he would be since he was created by humans (i think) but this confirms it.

poor gengars, i feel sorry for them
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Y'all might want to shut up. Y'all are WAY out of your league.
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Which pony? there's six of em'
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His expressions! Why the heck do I feel MewTwo is a girl for a sudden!?
It could be "female" as the Mewtwo from the Genoscet movie as alot more femanin the the one from Mewtwo Strikes Back and this one was with N
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Im quite off from the movies so I didn't know that hehe -o-
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hmm....... new minions? :D
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I love these comics!!!!!!!
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 "we didn't do nothing to them"
I like how you made nothing in big pink words.
"We didn't do nothing to 'em, okay? I swear!"


And to think Mewtwo apologizes for "using too much force" on them... irony.
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wait, wait, WAIT!! Why is it that Bonnie and Clyde have shading, when our Gengar doesn't??!  o0o
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Bonnie and Clyde?.......-is ridiculously confused about this story-
Coffie-Buzz's avatar
Lol Bonnie and Clyde are just what I call the two other Gengars MewTwo just KOed. One of them is evidently female wile the other is male. They are a perfect Bonnie and Clyde pair for the comic, so I stared calling them Bonnie and Clyde. 
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'Cause our Gengar's darker and while they looked weird without it, he looks weird with it. It also helped to differentiate him from them when we had all three tumbling around the pages in that fight scene. There is no great meaning to it :D
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holy god sharp eyes! I didn't even see that!!!

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I love how that Gengar talks!
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I still love the fact that Mewtwo is still the biggest badass in all of Pokemon despite type advatages
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The pony... Why did MLP come to mind at that?
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I was waiting for someone to mention MLP XD! MLP must be a very good fandom since a friend of mine online likes it, along with more than 30K thousand other bronies and pegisisters.
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HAHA! I do love MLP though. I've been watching since the original series. Though not when they came out. I'm far to young for that. FIM really is a lot better than the others. Especially Newborn Cuties... *shiver* So creepy...

It's also weird that, no matter how they deny it, my parents like it too! But MLP is a very large fandom, though not as large as the Pokèmon fandom. Both fandoms have their own websites though. Luna is best princess! Had to say that...
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