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With Lettuce, Tomatos, Onions, and Ketchup

By SulfStamps
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It should be noted that medium rare is the temperature of the gods, however, the joke only allows so much wiggle room, lol.

If you like meat, join this group! :iconbloodmouths:
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I like ketchup plain
I know Im such a sick fuck.
also why is this in the Anti-wolf group?
i don't know
i don't know
i don't know
i don't know
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Plain ketchup? :stare:

We discuss animal-related issues, not just wolves. One of those is the use of animal products. c:
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Yummy bacon and eggs are yummy.
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thormemesonHobbyist Digital Artist
mmm bacon
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Burgers is my favorite animal :D
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I only like eating with mustard and mayonnaise.
chilli sauce is an option.
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treating animals well, killing them humanely, and eating them medium rare.
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I lobe being a bloodmouth!
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I like my burgers plain with cheese and ketchup.
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TrueMefistaHobbyist General Artist
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OwletJessa555Hobbyist Writer
Yep, yep. Humane is the best way to do it.

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ZiblinkHobbyist Photographer
No, they must be well done.
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PuccoonHobbyist Digital Artist
yum yum yum rare meat :'0
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CaptainRexSinatraHobbyist Digital Artist
Cheese and mayo.... :iconkrabbypattyplz:
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peacefulinvasionHobbyist Artist
Rare is the temp of the gods.

However I say so long as the animals are killed humanly :) meat is yummy.
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... I support treating animals well done. *shot*
Lol, this is awesome.
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Ew, well done. :iconewwwplz:
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Lol, I personally don't want it burnt, of course. But I can't eat it if it's still pink. Raw meat makes me want to barf. XP
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