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Wheat Is Murder

By SulfStamps
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One cow died for my steak.
How many animals died for your salad?

The Least Harm Principle does not favor a veg*n diet. Countless animals die in the preparation of land for agricultural use, during the clearing of natural habitat for industrial crop production, after application of pesticides on crops, and during harvesting of said crops. No matter what you eat, there is blood on your hands, and "good intent" doesn't do anything to save the animals. Good intent does not stop rabbits from being decapitated in combine harvesters. Good intent does not stop millions upon millions of insects, thousands of birds, and thousands of small amphibians from being poisoned with pesticides. Good intent does not stop the decimation of wildlife populations and their natural habitats. To claim that these deaths are unintentional while fully aware of them is hypocritical and intellectually dishonest.

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I am not vegan, but admit everyone was vegan, wouldn't it actually take less agricultural land since we would only need to grow plants to feed humans rather than growing plants for both animals and humans? I might be wrong tho...
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Only about 11% of the land can be cultivated and that amount can't be increased without irrigation, deforestation, or other destructive ecological practices. Also livestock eat crops and crop waste deemed unfit for humans and their manure is rich fertilizer. There are tons of locations around the globe that can't grow crops very well like isolated islands, swamps, mountain ranges, tundras, and deserts. If we follow veganism to its logical conclusion then we would all starve because soil will lose its fertility and composting dead plants takes too long. Chemical fertilizers harm wildlife directly and indirectly and thus is out of the question. Tilling the soil disrupts the microbes by introducing oxygen while pastured animals restore it and add to the topsoil. Even though vegans don't eat animal foods they still depend on animals to grow their food. Also you would have to ship food all over the world to feed people who reject animal foods and burning up fossil fuels in the process. Pretty much all domesticated breeds will go extinct when there's no need for them. Only in the tropics and subtropics can you grow food year round. There's more biodiversity on a cattle ranch than there is on a corn or wheat field. Cutting animals out of the equation will result in ecological disaster since nature never functioned that way ever. 

Conventional agriculture including factory farming and monocrops need to be done away with or greatly reduced. Nothing is totally animal free. Animal foods also come with nutrients not found or hard to obtain from plants. Good point though and I hope this helps. There's also tons of other products like plastics, makeup, toothpaste, building materials, glue, cars, computers, phones, and planes that are derived from animal sources too. I have never met a vegan willing to give their modern lifestyle and go back to the stone age.
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I bet loads of critters get killed when cotton is harvested. Same with other nonfood crops.
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So you agree vegans still kill animals?
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So you agree vegans still kill animals?
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"If we actually do.."

So you admit you do.
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Accidental death is still death. "We don't intend to" is the biggest lie, since things you use come from animals (even the computer or phone you're using to write this garbage).
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It's very likely that the decline of black-footed ferrets can be linked partially(the part that isn't related to their food source catching the literal plague) is related to crop farming...prairie dogs, which make up a very significant portion of their diet(90% at least) are typically killed because they could damage crops. Contrary to myths, they can't actually kill cattle that step into their burrows, so while a rancher would ignore them and maybe shoo them, they have to be killed so their burrowing doesn't hurt plant growth.

The difference is that you can give them all a jab or a pill for the plague, you can't give them a pill for starvation.
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They don't kill cattle, but they can cripple them.
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Also, even for organic farms, trappers are hired to keep animals out. Raccoons destroy crops in nearly one night. The buggers rip of wheat and corn seemingly for the fun of it. Farmers beg trappers like me to help keep their (and the food you eat) crops safe from coons, and also, fox (love potatoes for some reason), coyote, and possums. Deer are usually shot off by someone, else they'd just die from poisioning if it uses pesticides...

Even pesticides harm us as well. My cousin, who lived next to a potatoe crop, got cancer at around 20 but he is luckily fine. I would hate to imagine a world of ONLY plant crops. More animals would be killed, maybe over killed, and more space for farming is needed for an ever growing population.
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And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. No food is "guilt-free."
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I really never thought about it that way... Anyways, cool stamp!
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Anytime, keep being awesome!
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To really save animals you must do the following:

Kill yourself.
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You just have to go vegan and stop being ignorant.
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How about you stop being so judgemental and listen to the ex vegans tell their story. Seriously open your eyes and lend your ears. I won't be surprised if you start having health issues due to veganism.
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I agree completely with this stamp. There always has to sacrifice of some type of animals in order to have food even if it is vegetable.
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This is what Silent Spring was about.
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Between vegans and the "Big scary corporations", I may wind up surviving on just ivy bags... =/
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