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The Gryphon Rider's Moonlight Rendezvous

The dashing Gryphon Rider hitting on a young nobleman. She can show you the woooorld.

The Gryphon Rider is, technically speaking, opposed to the evil Empress. However, she is way too busy doing things like this to actually be very useful to the cause.
She is driven by her own moral code and libido, and is thus blinded to the plights of the common folk. 

I have no idea how this design ended up like this. I just wanted to make an opera singer, and suddenly she's standing on a gryphon for some reason? All I wanted was a ladder!
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And you said you don't win community votes... Wink/Razz 
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It was news to me too, buddy!
The gryphon is all like "I am going to throw you off if you don't get your flocking boot off my head in 5...4...3..."
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You are, to put it simply, the best "fantasy" based creator on Heromachine and I'd still be saying that even if we still had guys like Stulte or Candruth around. Your costuming is perfect, you posing increadible, your backgrounds stunning and the worldbuilding is brilliant. Oh and this picture ain't half bad on its own either. In fact I only have one problem with it.... I'm mad you entered it into CDC 400. I wanna win one of the community votes dammit. ;)
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Thanks a bunch! I tend to be a bit over-critical of my own stuff, so I appreciate the compliments.
The background was actually a huge pain, it took me forever to figure out how to get any kind of fantasy city to work. That's part of why I decided to go with a night-time scene, that gave me more leeway to play and distract from the awkward-looking buildings and whatnot. I do wish we could get some more background items into the program.

I wouldn't worry too much about me winning the community votes, I don't think I've ever won a popular vote on the main site.
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That gryphon looks like he's counting the seconds before he snaps at his rider for ruining his fabulous plumage. 

Great work as always, mate. 
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Thanks, man!

The gryphon has already "snapped" a few fingers of hers, so that does sound possible.
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God damn, now that you mention that, I just looked at her hand. 

Also, hope she notices that guy in the background. He doesn't look happy. 
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What could this mysterious figure be doing? Stay tuned for the further adventures of Gryphon Rider and Finger-Eater!

(The adventures of Gryphon Rider and Finger-Eater was cancelled because a show animated entirely in Heromachine was deemed "impractical" and "inhumane")
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...god dammit. Okay, uh... animation classes! Yeah! 
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Don't get me wrong, this looks amazing...

But for some reason, for me at least, this gryphon eye looks like it's (gryphon, not the eye) about to lose it and just fly away.

Alone, of course.
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Gryphons are rather temperamental, I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, just look at the rider's right hand. The beast bites.
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Whoa, didn't noticed that (I blame you, brain!)
Nice detail
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