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Lady Phoenix

By Sulemania
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On the Squire's quest to defeat the evil Empress and her Lady Knights, she is assaulted by a mysterious figure: Lady Phoenix. Is she an enemy, or is this some kind of strange test?
Lady Phoenix can, uh, fly. That is weird! Unlike the other knights, she is not heavily armed. Her reinforced leather armor also functions as a harness for her wings. Don't underestimate her, though: If she is strong enough to lift herself high into the air, she is a force to be reckoned with. She also lights her wings on fire sometimes, watch out for that.
Lady Phoenix returns multiple times to attack the Squire, despite seemingly plunging to her death. She lives up to her title.
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May I nominate this for Character Of The Year on Heromachine?
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Sure, I'd be honored!
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Holy crap that's an imposing superhuman! The rich color of the feathers is sublime. Are you going to do a version with a background?
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I made a version with a background, but I'm not super sure of it yet. How does it look?…
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The burning castle in the background is cool. Maybe you could imply height by showing her shadow very small beneath her? I dunno. You're the shadow master after all. Which coincidentally sounds like a great name for a super villain.
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So it does.
I'll make some changes, check the shadow again and see if I am satisfied with it next week.
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Thanks, man. I've been considering a background, yeah. I'll look into that, soon.

The color of the feathers is actually pretty simple to do. The wings themselves are dark red (primary) and slightly lighter red (secondary). Then I added a gradient circle that gets transparent in the centre, colored that bright yellow, adjusted transparency and masked it to the wing so that the yellow gets more intense at the outer edge of the wing.
The resulting mix of red and yellow is a sort of orange gradient.
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