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Being smarter than everyone else doesn't necessarily make your life easy. She knows that well.

She worked hard to get the respect she felt she deserved. Eventually, together with her ruthless twin brother, she took over her father's company, turning it into one of the leading technology developers in the world.

In a world rapidly becoming infested with superhumans, her company was a prime target for these so-called "villains" or even some vigilantes who didn't agree with her methods. She had an answer for them.

In a battlesuit of her own design, she takes to the skies to protect what is rightfully hers.
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So Samatar and Fathia are twins? Do they have a last name?
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They do, naturally. I didn't decide on one when I came up with them, though. Sorry about that, I didn't want to come up with a fake name and I don't know the culture too well.

Some more details:
They were born in Somalia before the civil war. Their family was wealthy and got got out to Europe well before things got bad. Dad formed a technology company, which the twins eventually took over, with extreme prejudice.
Fathia handled tech and local management, Samatar took care of the business side.
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that's cool, thanks for the extra background