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Gryphon Rider, front view by Sulemania Gryphon Rider, front view :iconsulemania:Sulemania 6 0 The Gryphon Rider's Moonlight Rendezvous by Sulemania The Gryphon Rider's Moonlight Rendezvous :iconsulemania:Sulemania 9 13 Flightsuit by Sulemania Flightsuit :iconsulemania:Sulemania 3 0
Sci-Fi story idea: Space Station Of Babel
A semi-psionic field intended to translate the languages of countless cultures wraps around the entire station. The station is multi-generational, with some families having lived there for centuries.
One day, the field fails. Visitors find themselves unable to communicate with other cultures, but the natives are the worst off. All of them speak in gibberish, each and every one speaking some unique, incomprehensible but internally consistent language. The field translated for them, so no matter what they said, they were always understood. The brain, of course, did its best to make sense of the situation, leading to it developing its own kind of language, but not one of them is the same as any of the others.
How to establish order on a station where no one understands each other? Who will take advantage of the delicate diplomatic situation? What if a security or medical crisis occurs?
:iconsulemania:Sulemania 0 0
Vampire story idea
Vampires have a nomadic culture that subsists on the blood of their herds of cattle, sheep and/or fantasy equivalents. They possibly also supplement their diet with milk and meat.
However, the spread of other cultures has made it difficult for the vampires, with their best grazing lands taken, their herds’ drinking water sources occupied, dammed or polluted. This forces the vampires into desperate measures like theft, vandalism or even outright conflict.
The story would follow the vampire culture over the years and show how the territorial conflict eventually led to a bloody war, and its aftermath and the changes it made to vampire culture.
(This idea was partially inspired by the indie comic Redneck, in which Texan vampires try to live in peace as low-profile cattle ranchers.)
:iconsulemania:Sulemania 0 0
Queen Of Karate by Sulemania Queen Of Karate :iconsulemania:Sulemania 9 0 Boneface by Sulemania Boneface :iconsulemania:Sulemania 8 4 Autumn Archer by Sulemania Autumn Archer :iconsulemania:Sulemania 7 0 Count Dorian by Sulemania Count Dorian :iconsulemania:Sulemania 4 2 The Fisher by Sulemania The Fisher :iconsulemania:Sulemania 5 5 Nicodemus Holt, updated look by Sulemania Nicodemus Holt, updated look :iconsulemania:Sulemania 10 3 Lieutenant Hannelotte Braun by Sulemania Lieutenant Hannelotte Braun :iconsulemania:Sulemania 16 4 Twitchy by Sulemania Twitchy :iconsulemania:Sulemania 5 0 Mountain Climber by Sulemania Mountain Climber :iconsulemania:Sulemania 10 6 Negadroid by Sulemania Negadroid :iconsulemania:Sulemania 6 5 Sora Shade for headlessgeneral by Sulemania Sora Shade for headlessgeneral :iconsulemania:Sulemania 6 2


Caterpillar by djuby Caterpillar :icondjuby:djuby 2 0 SBW: Man-O-War by Blastmasterism324 SBW: Man-O-War :iconblastmasterism324:Blastmasterism324 14 10 Gobbet and Is0bel by nnoahbane Gobbet and Is0bel :iconnnoahbane:nnoahbane 25 11 Sniper by ForgivenMonster Sniper :iconforgivenmonster:ForgivenMonster 4 4 Lifeline - Apex Legends by ForgivenMonster Lifeline - Apex Legends :iconforgivenmonster:ForgivenMonster 2 0 Tough Job by ForgivenMonster Tough Job :iconforgivenmonster:ForgivenMonster 2 0 SBW: Midori by Blastmasterism324 SBW: Midori :iconblastmasterism324:Blastmasterism324 19 4 Plane Shift by Ytoti Plane Shift :iconytoti:Ytoti 21 1 Razorback (Redesign) by Samikaze13 Razorback (Redesign) :iconsamikaze13:Samikaze13 10 8 Jami by Flamereaper0001 Jami :iconflamereaper0001:Flamereaper0001 10 26 Kraken's Widow (Singer) by Blastmasterism324 Kraken's Widow (Singer) :iconblastmasterism324:Blastmasterism324 18 3 BLACKSTAR for Mark Williams update Feb 2019 by Smitty309 BLACKSTAR for Mark Williams update Feb 2019 :iconsmitty309:Smitty309 11 4 SBW: Leviathan by Blastmasterism324 SBW: Leviathan :iconblastmasterism324:Blastmasterism324 17 6 SBW: Yikuma by Blastmasterism324 SBW: Yikuma :iconblastmasterism324:Blastmasterism324 14 4 Lady Archer by kellkin Lady Archer :iconkellkin:kellkin 7 0 GHOST TIGER for 12for12 Oct 2018 by Smitty309 GHOST TIGER for 12for12 Oct 2018 :iconsmitty309:Smitty309 28 7


Sulemania's Profile Picture
I'm a fan of superheroes, fantasy and such. This logically led me to making stuff with Heromachine.

These are primarily character and costume designs. The first priority is the visuals fitting the character. If the design happens to have some aesthetic value, that's just a bonus. There are a bunch of people out there who are making incredible art with Heromachine, and I tip my hat to them, but that is not what I do.


Please, for the love of god, I am not interested in creating sexual content or participating in sexual roleplay on this site. I have no idea how anyone got that idea in the first place. Don't go around sending creepyass horny notes to people, especially if they revolve around distasteful, abusive scenarios.
Trying to find Street Fighter reference art on DeviantArt is a... challenge.
Could y'all stop being horny for like, one minute?
Okay, wow, judging by the lack of any kind of reaction, Twitchy was a real dud. If you feel like it, could you give me some constructive criticism on why it didn't work for you?…
Back when I made superhero stuff in Heromachine, I dreamed up four different characters named Whisper, the joke being that the name was such an obviously cool superhero name that four different individuals in the Congo, Ireland, USA and Finland all independently came up with the same name. They ended up meeting up and forming the Council Of Whispers, helping each other out when necessary.

I'm not gonna upload them in my main gallery because they're old and crude, but I'll show them to you just for fun. Let's take a time machine trip back to 2010!

So, roll call: "Ireland" can turn into a ghost form with appropriate powers and carries a hellfire flame, both of which he received when he crawled back from hell. He comes from a long line of the most notorious villains of Irish history, but he himself had a shred of decency that he used to rally his entire family to allow him to escape hell and redeem the family name. He might also have accidentally let his most notorious ancestor become a lord of hell in the process? Oops. He mostly deals with the supernatural.
Whisper Ireland 5 by Sulemania

"USA" is a soft-hearted farmboy gadgeteer who moved into the big city only to discover it overrun with crime. He developed cybernetic implants that allow him to emit various sonic frequencies. He's a wannabe Batman with a country boy accent and an embarassingly helpful attitude.
Whisper America 2 by Sulemania

"Congo" is a survivor of the civil war who has become a protector of innocent life amids the local conflicts. In addition to his crisis management and wilderness survival skills, he constantly emits a field that negates all sound around him, making him effectively deaf-mute. At its smallest, the field only surrounds him, but he can expand it to cover entire buildings. He tries not to get too involved in the actual fighting, but he will mess you up if he has to.
Whisper Congo 4 by Sulemania

"Finland" deals with white collar crime, using espionage skills to uncover wrongdoings that other heroes and even law enforcement might overlook. He exposes tax evasion, exploitation, bribes, corruption and all that noise.
Finnish Whisper by Sulemania

I like to believe I've improved since then. These days, I don't really touch superhero designs, I just can't find the inspiration for them.
  • Listening to: Scandroid - Monochrome
  • Playing: XCom 2: War Of The Chosen


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Thanks for the Watch! :)
I really appreciate it! :D

Love how you use Hero Machine!
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Thank you very much! Same to you!
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Sulemania Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019
Buddy, you do some things I couldn't even think of. I've been at this for a long time, but with practice you can zoom right past me.

I appreciate that you're pushing the limits of the software and using Photoshop. Always great to see people trying something new.
Blastmasterism324 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019  Student Digital Artist
I don't know how to properly respond to this, this truly made my night to read. 

Thank you so much, good sir! 
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Thanks for another :+fav: ^_^ Initially, I used the hot air balloon as a basis. I haven't found many reference images, so I've screenshooted the episode :P
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