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Soul Stone

OOooh another portrait? Illy again? SRSLY?

Srsly. :p
Hey guys! Here we go - my next attempt to make into blizz fanart.... wish me luck :< This is my blood elf warlock and her little friend.

This is supposed to be the sister image to [link] , I am going to print and frame both, and hang in the wall behind me and my husband's PC.

Also, I am one more on the line recommending James Gurney's Color and Light book [link] - it is full of awesomeness and a MUST read for anyone who wants to paint.

And.. hm.. Oh. The background - not really satisfied. Might take a second chance at it later.

Small touch-ups to the nose and lips. I like it a bit more :) The background is staying for the time being. Time to move on! o/

Photoshop CS5, have no idea how many hours.
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The lighting, the blending and shading are just outstanding! Love this!

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I'm also a warlock and would love if you could one day do a rendition of my warlock
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wow World of Warcraft artwork there XD
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The lighting on her face from the soulstone and surrounding light from the green glow is really well done. This is very good work. :clap:
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Tell you what, I play a human lock. kill me and keep my soul any time.
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Absolutely love. I just got a painting tablet and did my boyfriend's warlock as my first picture. Not that great but maybe you could take a look and give me some feedback.

again...ABSOLUTELY love! ><
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This is a great looking piece of art, I like the colors you have chosen it really lights up the whole pic very magical and nicely done!
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owwww muito massa o desenho! adoro essas pinturas com luzes que parecem que brilham no escuro!

adorei a ass tbm!
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Hmmmm t10. <3
Awesome artwork. XD
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Oh wow the shading is amazing. The way you render in details and the gear is really good, it's like I can feeelll the shapes of it. How do you shade? Do you start off with grey and color on top of it, or just shape in and render with colors? :)
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Hello! I want to say that today it's small "great day" for me - 4 month on dA! I decided to write in Journal about it friend, your work have been featured! Link here: [link]
Thank you so much for your awesome, great work! You're amazing! :hug:
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Yay! :D Thank you again for the feature! :hug:
And thaaank you!
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Beautifully painted! Love the purple reflecting light and her eyes!
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You're welcome! :D
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muito foda! Parabéns!
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I like the design of the armour outfit that she's wearing and the lighting effects surrounding her! She looks so awesome this way! :love:
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