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I had a three-day weekend due to a holiday! :D I am happy I was able to work on something. I have deviated from my path a bit, but I think I am on my way back, artistically speaking.

I did spent a great deal of time reviewing my stuff, and I found out I did lost a bit on the way, so I worked on getting it back on my art.

Hope I can work more on personal stuff soon, cause man, this next week will be rough.

Iluviya, my character from World of Warcraft (again, I know right?). Blood elf, warlock, on Shadowmoon Valley.

Photoshop CS5, around 15h.
Reference photo by the beautiful TwiggX-stock :)
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Love how healthy your blood elf looks.
somberromulan's avatar
Love it, its a beautiful painting, very well done.
icywintersky's avatar
This is beautiful. I love the details, particularly the eyes and the shoulder armor.
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O_O... this is... some of the best art work I've seen.. that is amazing... I've been Desperately trying to get better at art work myself. However if you even glance at my stuff it holds no candle to this. This is just… fantastic.. *Stares* and so I’m going to do something I normally don’t like to ask sense I like to do things myself.. However I just gotta ask. If I could request if you had the time to do a picture of my very own warlock? Vendrilla.. I can give more detail if you require! Again… this picture is just marvelous.
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Thank you Marrasa :) I am a bit busy nowadays to take requests, but I can try and point you towards practing art! What do you say? It's hard work, and I am still only starting at it, but I do believe it will pay off :)
Marrasa's avatar
Of course! And actually that would be wonderful! I’m very timid when it comes to my own drawings. However I would love to be able to improve in anyway. And only just starting? Lord, you have a gift!
ultimatede's avatar
dunno why i like world of warcraft art so much, i don't even play. but this is sick
Zerojanus's avatar
Now that's just cool! :+fav:
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MsInsanityDoodles's avatar
What kind of Warlock are you~? :3
ppgrainbow's avatar
Very beautiful painting! I especially like how you did Iluviya, including her facial features and the style of her hair and the outfit that she's wearing. The background and the lighting effects surrounding her came out really good also! :D
Kynamh's avatar
I like the crispness of this image. Very lovely! :D
SulaMoon's avatar
Yay, thanks :D
I did abuse vector masks on this one, Im glad it shows!
mcbaltz's avatar
Totalmente excelente!!!! Lindona...
GraciousProtector's avatar
Oh, she's gorgeous. :D You are a wonderful artist!
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ataramos's avatar
The lighting in this is just amazing. This is such a fantastic picture, so clean and beautiful.
SulaMoon's avatar
This is so... Venomous looking. Ethereal beauty
calliari's avatar
Muito perfeito,parabéns Sula,sou fã de BloodElvs,haha.

monteirohq's avatar
muito bom hein
shadowmoon eh mto loco

eu vi seu char esses dias la no warsong hehe
mas vc soh entra pra faze icc e sai nem consegui dar um oi ^^
SulaMoon's avatar
haha é verdade, ando sem tempo de jogar sem ser pro raid. Mas manda mensagem pow, se a gente nao tiver em boss eu respondo :)
monteirohq's avatar
vi seu armory...
não sabe brincar
humildade zero... hehe

ve o meu dpois, jogo de rogue nick Thorzera
shahriaremil's avatar
And... once again. Whoa. :O
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