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Dragon Eye

I was supposed to be working -.- going to be scrapped soon. Done in my lunch time.

[EDIT: more fooling around here =p adjusted the contrast, add some more scales, things like that. I feel I like this eye XD ]
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BEAUTIFUL. Would you mind if I used this as a refernce for a drawing of mine? Full credit will be given. :o
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Sure, go ahead :) But please link back when possible!
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I actually did kinda draw this a small while ago, yet I didn't wish to post it anywhere unless I had permission. Otherwise, it would have remained hidden on my desktop. I thank you... [link]
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Sorry for the late reply!
That is looking awesome really. :) I love the iris! Keep it up!
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Damn, I never knew someone could spend so much effort on such a small organ.
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Super Whoa, anyone? :|
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I feature your work on my deviant page

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The eye reminds me of Sauron's eye xD

Good work =)
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I like the eye. Especially the orange tone. Might modify my avatar :P
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Is it alright if i use this picture for my video production project? I have to make an energy drink advertisement and i want to use a dragon eye as a logo :D
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THAT is a good dragon eye^^
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This might look simple at first, 'cause is just an eye but when I look at it closely... the amount of detail in the eye, scales, lighting, shade, and who knows what else, is just mind nummingly amazing.

This is truly something to cherish. :heart:
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i like it
beautiful job
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hi! i featured your eye here: [link]
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MASSA! tu destroi msm!
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oooooooooooo....makes me wanna get dragon eye contacts!!! Woot!!! GREAT JOB!!! I love how you made it look so realistic!!! <3
Wormwoodworms's avatar looks more like photo than picture :). i love the iris, it looks very natural and magical at once.
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Muito bom!!

Parabéns, uma ótima colorização...
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holy shit, love the shiney part of it, nice job.
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