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A New, Improved Life Ch. 4 Epilogue
    Chapter 4/Epilogue
     After about a month of staying at the clinic in a small bed at the back room of the building, visited daily by Jenny, she finally decided it was appropriate for me to come home. By this time, I was fairly used to being a dog, and being treated as so by Jenny and her parents, though never once have they valued me less than they did when I was human.
The entire car ride to Jenny’s house, I was fairly excited to be going there. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d been to her house, since I visited it occasionally as a human. What got me so excited is that her house was rather nice, as exceptionally dog-friendly. When we got there, the mansion of a house she lived in seemed much bigger from my new form, and it just furthered my excitement. Jenny quickly walked me inside, giving me a tour of the house. She showed me the living room, the dog door to the backyard, the backyard itself, the kitchen that my dog bowl would be in
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A New, Improved Life Ch. 3
    Chapter 3
     The rest of the day, including practice, passed in a breeze. I was excited to see what Jenny had gotten me. She was the most thoughtful person I knew, and she was almost always able to cheer me up. Once, though, I considered the idea of the present being a blunt bat to beat my father up with, but I rid myself of those thoughts.
When I reached home, I got into my truck, not even heading inside. The clinic was a good twenty minute drive. When I reached it, I was greeted with the sounds of animals barking and meowing and chirping. “Hello?” I asked, not seeing anyone behind the counter as I entered.
“Just a moment,” a voice called from the back; it was Jenny’s mother. I waited for a moment until she came out, holding a small and adorable white poodle dog. “Oh. It’s you, Shane.”
“Yeah. I, uh, came to see Jenny. Is she here?”
“Oh yes, yes. She’s here. You must be here for that
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A New, Improved Life Ch. 2
Chapter 2
     The alarm clock didn’t startle me as it usually did. My father hadn’t broken it, but his beating left me exhausted. I pounded down on the snooze button at least 3 times before I realized I would get in even more trouble if I skipped school. I hopped out a bed with great pain. I felt twice as sore as before I’d gone to bed. Despite the aches, I slipped my clothes on, grabbed my backpack, and slipped out through the back door so I wouldn’t be seen by my father. I walked to school instead of using my truck, since I already lived in a fairly small suburb of Denver, and school was only a few blocks away.
When I reached school, people glanced at me as I passed them. I tried keeping my head low, ashamed that my bruised face was attracting attention; it was the last thing I wanted. Once I was inside the school, I headed quickly to my locker, grabbing what I needed for class, and went on my way to first period. I was quiet through most of my
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Mature content
A New, Improved Life Ch. 1 Prologue :iconsukitsukiko:SukiTsukiko 9 0
The Crystal Cave
I stand idly next to a stunning huge gem. It emits a strong bluish glow that could blind a person if they looked at it long enough. This gem, a diamond, is a magic one, and it’s practically the most valuable and important of all the crystals in the cavern in which I sit. Though this one is of the most importance, every single crystal here has a magical quality to it. I’m not surprised that I, Maximilian Wolfe, was sent here to guard it.
Before I left our peaceful Alaskan home, my fellow anthropomorphian clan members told me something about this cavern. More specifically, they told me about this diamond next to me. It holds a strong lunar essence within. Supposedly, the people who carved out this chamber were strong worshipers of the lunar deities. I can tell this was true, because my whole body tingles from just being in the crystal’s presence, and my crescent-shaped markings glow faintly. It’s like a rush of pure energy fills me.
What confuses me about this
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The Crescent Necklace 5/5 by SukiTsukiko The Crescent Necklace 5/5 :iconsukitsukiko:SukiTsukiko 2 0 The Crescent Necklace 4/5 by SukiTsukiko The Crescent Necklace 4/5 :iconsukitsukiko:SukiTsukiko 1 0 The Crescent Necklace 3/5 by SukiTsukiko The Crescent Necklace 3/5 :iconsukitsukiko:SukiTsukiko 1 0 The Crescent Necklace 2/5 by SukiTsukiko The Crescent Necklace 2/5 :iconsukitsukiko:SukiTsukiko 1 0 The Crescent Necklace 1/5 by SukiTsukiko The Crescent Necklace 1/5 :iconsukitsukiko:SukiTsukiko 1 0 Max Bust by SukiTsukiko Max Bust :iconsukitsukiko:SukiTsukiko 1 0


Be-were, it's Halloween. by kzmaster Be-were, it's Halloween. :iconkzmaster:kzmaster 54 21 Com: Chase Fox by lizcakes Com: Chase Fox :iconlizcakes:lizcakes 27 8



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