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Breath of the Wild-Sheikah Link

Hello again everyone! Here I have a new drawing for you guys to see! I feel that I been very productive lately, but that is just great XD
It's been a while since I last sat down and played Breath of the Wild, so because of that I decided to draw something Zelda related this time:)
I really enjoy the game and I can't really pick out what I like the most about it. Everything is just so great! But I can mention some. One of my favorite outfits for Link in the game is the Sheikah outfit, because of the stealth and the extra night speed you get out of it, and of course it looks awesome. So I wanted to draw Link in the outfit, but I wanted to include to other elements that I love about the game. People would think that I use the sheikah outfit sneak around enemies and strike them down, which I do, but the real reason to why I am using is because of the Blupees. I was (still am) fascinated when I first saw these beautiful creatures in the game. The first blupee I ever saw was nearby Kakariko Village and the Great Fairy Fountain, but I couldn't see it for very long because it noticed me and disappeared. So when I got the Sheikah outfit, I could get really close to them without them noticing and took a LOT of pictures. You guys can imagine when I came upon Satori Mountain for the first time (Oh boyMeow :3 ). And the last element to this was to atmposphere to the forest at night. Though I wished there was more music to the game, I can't really complain about it. Nintendo have really put some thought into the atmosphere in the game, how the music at night is so different than the time at day. And the beautiful sounds of nature! Loved it!
Enough rambling hehe, I hope you guys like it! :)
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Yay! I am happy that you love it :)
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oooh, gorgeous!!! <3
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Lol I like the outfit as well cause of well sneaking. I really enjoy the lighting and the Blupee you added. They look well and balance each other really nice!
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Thank you!Hug  I really loved doing this drawing.
Doing the shades and higlights is the funniest, but also the challenging parts for me to do :)
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It’s a good outfit :)
Damn right. Ninja Link is best Link.
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