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Hi :heart:

I´ve been absent because though times, my mom had an accident then my sister had a major surgery, my workplace still isn´t pay me  ( 3 months so far) finally an important person for me has gone, really I was doing my best but I collapsed.

Little by Little I´m triying to keep going and be positive, I was working on merch for a convention also for online store.

I´m sorry for long absent, I´m doing better and ready to submit art here again :heart:

Thank you to people that message me , paullies is always worrying about me, thank you!

I´ll be submitting commissions now.

Thank you and Hugs
Hello,  I´m mexican, my country is having hard times right now, we had a second earthquake in less than one month, yesterday it hit near of my town, many buildings fell and a lot ot people died, thank god my family is ok, but was pretty scary.
We´re helping each other and is wonderful have too many people caring and supporting.

If you have mexican friends please send a lot of love, they will be so relief to have support :heart:

Update: 7/08 Closed until I finish currently orders , thank you so much for all support!

:star: SPECIAL commissions :star:

Hello :heart: !

I´m opening special commissions because I need to save money urgent, to pay bills and my living expenses ; v ;
If you order one I´ll be so greatful :heart: also share my journal would be a great help for me ; u ;

 cm: Lucian by Sukihi cm: Riot by Sukihi

 Price per one character 
★ Waist up/ Portrait
★ Fan art / Original 
★ Simple BG 

:star: To Order :star:
★ Send me a Note "Special commission" plus your refs, I´ll send you a note back if is ok.

:star: IMPORTANT: I´ll send your commission by note in FULL resolution 2400 x 3500px (aprox)  

Prices apply only for personal commissionsFor commercial work, please contact me via email at : 

---- Only paypal-----

 ★ Spots ★ 

:iconcitrusanime: ☆ Paid DONE
:iconsayumari: ☆ paid DONE
☆ -Cru ☆ Paid DONE
:iconoimayo: ☆ Paid DONE
:icon10-ri: ☆ /couple ☆ Paid
:icontichshowers: ☆ /couple ☆ Paid
:iconsarubia: ☆ Paid
:iconsarubia: ☆ Paid
:iconsarubia: ☆ Paid
:iconsilverangel907: ☆ Paid
:iconsilverangel907: ☆ Paid
:iconharu-tanaka: ☆ Paid

Thank you so much for reading :heart:


Journal Entry: Wed Feb 8, 2017, 9:42 PM


I´ve been absent here because work but I´m planning to back then submit more art here, (I keep drawing often but for work ;u; )  also I´ll open my PATREON and STORE online, sorry for taking long with commissions and AT´s

I´m back and be more active again :heart:

Hope everyone is doing fine this year so far.



Happy new year!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 7, 2017, 1:06 PM

Happy new year by Sukihi

 A bit late, but I wish to everyone a Happy new year, also have a lot of health, love and peace this year, let´s do OUR BEST!

Sorry for lack of updates here,  I´ve been pretty slowly, the truth is I was having hard times last month, I didn´t have any motivation to draw or do anything....but slowly I am feeling better also triying to improve art so I can offer better pieces!

This year I´ll work harder, promise!!





Journal Entry: Mon Sep 19, 2016, 9:28 PM


My last event is over! it was so much fun! my new doujin was a sucess :heart: :heart: but it´s in spanish so I don´t know If someone is interested If I´ll print a english version...
Then I joined to Mistake Mystic Messenger Hell so I did some stickers...

TmCChI6C.jpg large by Sukihi  ch29KAzA.jpg large by Sukihi

well I am back and I´ll start to work again on commissions :heart:

Thank you for all your support!


I am sorry

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 11:50 PM

Hiii :heart:

I want to do a little update ;7; I´m working in a new doujin for an upcoming convention so my commission´s schedule will be abit delayed QuQ but when I am back from convention I´ll be drawing commissions again, sorry for inconvenients QuQ I´ll do my best to work faster, also thank you so much for all your support!! :heart:

Mio cover WIP by Sukihi
( Cover SAMPLE)

Wish me GOOD LUCK!


Stream ON

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 16, 2016, 4:29 PM

Working in commissions also some prints for upcoming convention!

Be free to pass by and say hi :heart:



After a long time I´m opening a new batch of commission, I hope  someone is interested ; u; I have 6 slots for now.
Thank you so much :heart:

Head shot

$20 per character
  • Simple BG 
 Precious Haru by SukihiChat Noir by Sukihi Pika Pika mimikkyu by Sukihi

Half Body

$30 per character
  • Simple BG 
  • Detailed clothes or props +$5
 Sailors by Sukihi cm: Saku and Yukki by Sukihi cm: Sarubia by Sukihicm: Royalteal by Sukihi

Full Body

$45 per character
  • Simple BG 
  • Detailed clothes or props +$5
MH by Sukihi cm: Citrusanime by Sukihi Our Future by Sukihi  GC: Purishira_3 by Sukihi


☆ Send me a note with the title : Commission (Chibi, head shot etc...)and send me your references (only visual references please)
☆  I´ll note you back to confirmm your order, If I accept your commission I`ll  note you my paypal.
☆  Payment is needed to confirmm your commission (I´ll start to work in your commission until I recived your payment BUT you can save your spot)

☆ Once your commission is done I´ll send you by NOTE your image FULL RESOLUTION aprox (2000 x 3000 px)


Thank you so much for reading! :heart:
Let´s celebrate our lovely dolphin :heart:

I´ll be streaming for a while drawing only Haru :heart:

Harumouse by Sukihi
Since I did return from Japan, I had jet lag and awful days because lack of sleep, but I am slowly back to my normal life, it was hard to draw again ; 7 ; just couldn´t get motivation but last couple of days I feel better then I´m slowly working in commissions and works for chorus so please be patient with me QuQ :heart:

HUGS to everyone :heart:
Hii :heart:

Last 2 weeks I traveled to Japan *A*
It was a dream come true, it  was so awesome and I enjoyed a lot  :heart:
I miss al ready Japan,  I am sure that  I`ll go back.

12718199 1074160832644109 4085824279922318683 N by Sukihi

I need to do a proper report, but for now some places that I went.

cm: Citrusanime by Sukihi 13096095 1079901275403398 3858135166770868193 N by Sukihi

Sakura Card Captor Cafe, it was so cute also parfait so delicious!

13124442 1083348371725355 2165727549764594988 N by Sukihi
Sailor Moon exhibition , featuring original works for manga covers also cells, I love everything.

13124763 1082222535171272 6418958311435459492 N by Sukihi
HIGH SPEED movie! I was so happy  (and lucky) that one cinema far way from Tokyo still have it, so in my last day I watched FREE! movie :heart:

13124945 1083353055058220 5665293759079169860 N by Sukihi
Tokyo Tower, now is my fav place! it ´s really charming 

13103268 1083356465057879 401672996055250211 N by Sukihi
My loot 99% about FREE lol

And also I met :iconyohao88: She´s so cute also keep me company when I was shopping, Thank you for lovely time hun!!! it was so much fun, and our  FREE! journey for Shibuya was the best!!

Now I need to go back to work and do my best!!!
Hello :heart:

I am almost done with my current batch of commissions, also I´ll be traveling soon, so I want to open a new batch before I´ll go, this time only 8 spots


Only this type of commissions:

 :star:Waist up ---- (per character, max 2 per drawing)
:bulletblue: Simple BG 
:bulletblue: Detailed clothes or props +$5

cm: Celeste by Sukihi GC: Lliri by Sukihi cm: Kirostyle by Sukihi CG: InuRenko by Sukihi


Send me a note with the title : Commission and send me your references.
☆  I´ll note you back to confirmm your order, If I accept your commission I`ll  note you my paypal.
☆  Payment is needed to reserve your spot


1. :iconsarubia: /PAID DONE
2. :devfeiirii:  /PAID DONE
3. :iconburu-chii:  /PAID DONE
4. :iconlaydedeadpool:  /PAID DONE
5. :iconlaydedeadpool:  /PAID DONE

Thank you so much for all birthday wishes :heart: :heart: !!!!

Sorry because my replies were slow > <

Well This year my bad luck is awesome hahahha a few days ago my PC updted itself  and deleted my drawings files so...bye bye 2 years of work Q u Q)
I was pretty sad/angry with myself because It was my fault...anyways I need to keep going...

I had some commissions sketchs and  linearts done, so I need to re-do everything, sorry again for delay 
But yeah, everythig happened for a reason, I though.

I want to finish all my commissions and work this month so, FIGHTING!!!!

HUGS to everyone,
thank you for keep supporting me and LOVE YOU!

Edited : the issue was solved :heart:
They gave me a refund, thank god.
Please remember that don´t have all your savings in your paypal :,)

Thank you so much to everyone that encourage me also gave me your support!!!
Sorry If my replies are slow but I was pretty stressed also busy ;;;;;;

Now everything is getting better,
Let´s do our best!

... I just recived an e mail, that told me that I send all my money (in my paypal) to a Bank from Dominican Republic , sure I didn´t!!
I log in and report this to paypal, changed my password....
but it will take 10 days to solve, I really hope they can solve and give my money back, ALL MY SAVINGS....

Recently I lost my job and now this.....

I am criying....
Thank you guys for all lovely and warm words.... I didn´t expect this...
each comment, advice, cheer up word were pretty awesome.

Although still hard for me, I feel stronger that last time,
I´ll do some changes in my life,
maybe It will be better or maybe won´t, but I´ll try my best.

Thank you so much!

Sorry for all troubles, now I´ll focus in my art, commissions and projects.


HUGS to everyone
First of all Happy New Year 2016 everyone! 
Hope everyone is doing fine :heart:

Thank you for all warm support/words/cheer up messages.....makes me feel better....thank you.

The next is an amount of random and boring things that is in my mind right be free to ignore it, I only want to write my feelings , maybe I´ll feel better....

I don´t know why is the reason but around one mont ago ( December) I´ve been feeling pretty down, I mean I am use to have break downs time to time....but this one is a bit different.... I lost any motivation, actually I didn´t draw too much this holidays.
I can´t sleep too much , I don´t want  to eat but I do, don´t worry and I feel pretty empy and lonely 

I think main reason is because I am losing important persons for me that I used to talk frequently or hang around, then I am not happy whith my current life is pretty a routine now...
I want to talk with them but at the same time I am not in the mood, I am afraid to be rude ;__;

at night I feel like I can´t breath... the thing is I can´t say anything , my family had a hard time few time ago, and they´re doing fine calm....I don´t want to be the reason because they worry or something....
I told this only to my close friend, but she´s having hard time too, I feel worst because I can´t help her like this.... 
really I wish I don´t have to talk about this with someone, worrying people only made me feel worst, I am writting this because I am tired...pretty tired 

I only know that I am sad....

I hope I can feel better almost a month feeling this hole in my chest (I don´t know how to explain)


That´s it...sorry for my poor english I can´t think rn

P.S Thank you if someone read this
This journal is to have a control about commissions.

If you´re interested in commission me, please leave a comment here: Commission WAIT LIST open <----

:bulletblue: Waist up
:bulletred: Full body 


Batch 1

Drawing in :February

:iconbeione: :bulletblue: (PAID) /DONE
:iconmi-ya-ka: :bulletblue: (PAID) /DONE
:iconkirostyle: :bulletblue:  (PAID) /DONE
:iconmsailorchic: :bulletblue: (PAID) /DONE
:iconsarubia::bulletblue:  (PAID) /DONE
:iconsarubia: :bulletblue: (PAID)/DONE
:iconh0ujun::bulletblue: PAID/couple /DONE
:iconquaazera: :bulletblue:  (PAID) / DONE
:iconcitrusanime: :bulletred: (PAID) /DONE
Hello :heart:

After a looong inactivity I´m back ^p^!! main reason is because I was working in a new Doujin (Fanbook) and some charms, I OPEN a new ONLINE shop
:star: :star:

New Doujin also new products are available for PRE ORDER it will be closed by November 30th

:star: New


30 P ★ MakoHaru // Sou Rin ★ BL 

STYLE 4 by Sukihi
4style by SukihiPreorderSAMPLE2 by Sukihi

:star: New

Acrylic Charms

Charms by Sukihi12200560 981420705251456 419939308 N by Sukihi

:star: Re stocking
Note: It will be last time that I re stock this Doujin 

I won´t swim for you

I wont swim for you by Sukihi

Any question please let me know *v*)/

ow and a side note commissions will be open SOON! stay tuned :heart:

Thank you so much
UPDATE: I´ll open commissions when I finish current batch. Thank you!  :heart:

Here I´ll be putting people interested so when the time comes , I´ll send you a note to let you know that I´m ready to take your order

This time I´m offering those kind of commission (note: I rised a bit the prices because I´m spending more time in each commission ;7;;;; ) 


Commission will be start drawing in January

:star: Current batch --> Commissions


Only be 2 types of commissions:

 :star:Waist up : -- (per character, max 2 per drawing)
:bulletblue: Simple BG 
:bulletblue: Detailed clothes or props +$5

GC: Purishira_4 by Sukihi  GC: msailorchic_2 by Sukihi GC: Creepy-Kerra by Sukihi GC: Outer--Heaven by Sukihi

 :star: Full Body : -- (per character, max 2 per drawing)
:bulletred: Simple BG 
:bulletred: Detailed clothes, props +$5
GC: Purishira_3 by Sukihi GC: Purishira_5 by Sukihi 
 GC: Citrusanime by Sukihi GC: Muffin-kitten by Sukihi



- Only comment on this journal If you´re interested , then I´ll add you
I´ll be removing when your commission is done.

Batch 1