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I have no idea how I'm awake right now. I'm usually inactive on weekends, but since I'm awake and doing nothing, I'm gonna finally upload a little. Especially since I didn't get to upload anything last week >n< 
If I owe you something, please let me know in the comments.


I will make you any species of big cat, domestic cat, or canine. The price will depend greatly on the complexity of the design you want.
Note me about it.

~Rules for customs~
- If you request one and I start working on it before you decide you no longer want it, TELL ME and I will finish it and sell it to anyone else.
- Do not claim to have made the design and credit me appropriately (You don't have to put my name on every upload, but if someone asks about the design maker, please direct them to me. X3)
- You may resell your custom if one day you no longer want it, but ONLY for the price you paid or lower! (Unless it comes with art and/or you've done major changes to the design.
- You may alter the design however you want! c:
- PRICES VARY! Tell me what kind of design you want (colors, markings, complexity (This may determine whether the price is high or low), etc.) and I will begin working on it. I will decide the price after that. HOWEVER, you can tell me your price range (what you're able or willing to spend) before hand if you want. You pay after it's done and you're happy with the design. If you do not pay, you will not own the design and I will either keep it or sell it to someone else.
- If what I make for you is not what you wanted, I can sell it to someone else and make you another until you are happy with the design. ^^
Little Cub Base
Pay here and I will send you the file through a note! :)
CLICK HERE TO READ THE RULES!  P2U Cub Base [10 pts] by Sukida-Adopts 
Cub Base #2
If you pay here, I will send you the file through a note. See here for details --> *NEW* Cub/Chibi Base P2U [ Paint friendly ] by Sukida-Adopts 

For a very short time, my breedables will be re-opened!

ALL of my breedables with either "Open", "On Hold", or no status (Meaning it doesn't say in the title whether or not it's open, closed, or on hold) will be open!  

ANY of my breedables with "Closed" in the title will NOT be opened. 

Link to my breedables folder here, if you would like to take a look!…

Be sure to abide by the rules listed in each sheet! 
Thank you!<3 >w<

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Sukida-Adopts's Profile Picture
United States
Profile picture drawn by :iconcinnamoncrunch: >w<

Adoptable Maker Stamp by Sky-Yoshi Digital Animal Breeder Stamp by Addictivemind
Hey, thanks for checking out my page! >w< Feel free to browse, I've got plenty of adoptables open and breedables open!
Even though I use bases for the majority of my adoptables, I do spend a lot of time drawing and adding to the base to give each design their own unique looks!

Please Notice! > If I don't reply to you, it is most likely because of one of the following;
- I haven't been online yet (I am inactive during weekends!!)
- (Most likely) I am making a decision regarding your comment (I'm indecisive and slow, it can take me days. ;; my apologies<3)
- My internet is being very slow, so I can only reply to so many in a short period of time</3
- I don't think it's necessary for me to respond for one reason or another (i.e you asking for something if someone else doesn't take it((and they do)), if I feel like I need to keep your message in my notifications as a reminder, things like that)
- It simply gets lost in my messages - It's completely possible that I think of a reply without actually sending one, thus tricking myself into believing I've actually responded. This doesn't happen too often, but it is a flaw of mine! ^W^;;
I never intend to straight up ignore someone, so please understand if you don't get a timely reply ;o; If you really want a reply because you feel it's important, then feel free to remind me after a few days or a week. (Do note, I am unlikely to respond to any messages during the weekend!

Whatever you adopt from me, feel free to link me to any drawings you or someone else makes of the character, I would be very happy to see. ^^ Please be sure to follow the rules in the description of every adopt/breedable, and we should be good. :D If you have a question about anything, don't be afraid to ask, just be sure you've read everything in case your question has been answered.

Well, have fun adopting! >v<

Check out these rad adopt makers > :iconrolldown: :iconpastelbuttadopts: :iconkittehzadopts: :iconagent-taai: :iconssleepy: If you don't want to be here, just let me know and I'll take you down. x)

If you are interested in art, here's my main account :iconthewrathofenvy: and my other account where I often post drawings of my adopted lion/TLK characters :iconmelxship:


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kopaisfluffy Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2018  Student
ZombieKitteh Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018
Hello, I bought some designs from you awhile back. I was looking to rehome and trade some of them away. I hope that's ok. Just wanted to get permission first before doing so.
Sukida-Adopts Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2018
That's perfectly fine! Thank you for letting me know >w<
ZombieKitteh Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2018
It's no problem, it only feels right to do since you created the designs. c:
Smeardrop Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I bought one of my sweet babs from you and I just wanted to say that every single time without fail you create absolutely stunning designs! I've never seen another artist come up with such unique, beautiful and easy to draw cats for an affordable amount! Your adoptables are the whole package! It takes true talent to do what you do and I hope you will continue with your work! I know I'll be coming back for more adopts soon^^
Sukida-Adopts Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018
onion head 'shock' Terror..Ahhh..Onion
AJHJKh ahh that was so unexpected, thank you so much for such a sweet comment!! Another Onion Icon  Ahdfdh you don't know how much that means to me! Seriously that comment just made my day omg ;;w;; I'm so glad you think so, seriously, it means a lot for you to say that!! akjhdkjh I don't even know what to say, just thank you!! QwQ :glomp: remake Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Glomp/Hug Tight Hug 
Smeardrop Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your very welcome! I'm so glad I was able to make you happy^^
frog-mp4 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Hiya! Do you still do the cub commission's? :0
Sukida-Adopts Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018
Hello! I'm not open for them currently, but I might be once I get caught up with what I already owe >w<
Cynderthedragon5768 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey sorry to bother, I never received a reply to the note so I just wanted to check you got the points/ect(no rush, just wanna check)
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