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KaYla: Spidey time

Hey!!! Kiss 2 

Here you have a Spidey Skyla because I can't resist doing that shitty kissing scene!
I watched too much Spiderman these past days...
Oh and of course this scene wouldn't work with Mister Explodo King right here but at least she tried I guess Facepalm
Doing her pose was quite difficult but after getting A LOT of references I somehow managed to draw it not that bad looking xD
I was happy to finally draw them both together because I really didn't do it (except for the chibi's) at all in the past.
Despite me having a full folder of drawings of both of them...haha...

Hope you like my bad idea :'D

Bnha and Katsuki Bakugou © Horikoshi
Art and Skyla Blake © me
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but in this case no one is cold and wet and nearly got killed.

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This implies that Spider-Man canonically exists in the MHA Cinematic Universe.

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Well as much as I can make it canon xD

I'm not the creator of bnha so I can't really do it.

Spiderman is just a movie in "my" universe though xD

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Oh, I know. Just doing a funny.


i swear kacchan would say that tho

OML me and my boyfriend did that once XD you have quite the imaganation

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any advice for poses like sites or refrances?

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Pinterest is a perfect site to get ideas from >v<
Hope that helps :heart:
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How!? How!? i really wanna draw my oc with katsuki i suck at drawing couples and katsuki and mha style i wish i knew how to draw in the mha style im even haveing hatd time desing my ocs hero suit

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You know I literally have thousands of drawings of Katsuki xD He didn't look like that in the beginning at all!
Trust me it's all about the practice! Just try looking at some official Katsuki artworks or even screenshots of him and try to replicate them but without tracing.
Just as some sort of reference ovo
Do the same with some girls from bnha to get to know the style better especially for the faces >v<
You'll get there eventually just don't stop practicing! No one is perfect at the start so keep that in mind <3
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i also rrally wish i could see my oc and katsuki drawn toghter i mena i can try my best to do bakugo i may have to movatie myself to try and draw him some how

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You can do it >v<
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Thank you so much omg ;v; :heart:
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Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1] Ahhhhh!!!! They look sooooo amazing!!!! Sanji (Love Chase) [V1] Like an official art!!! You did them is just fantasticVanoss LOVE ly!!!
Katsuki looks georgeous and super awesome!!!Juvia Love  His face is perfect!!!! Skyla's pose is magnificent!!! The way she's hanging is amazing!!!Miraculous - Chatemote - Love 
Super cute pic!!!Love 

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THANK YOU HUN :heart: !!!!
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You're welcome dear :hug: :heart:
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GOSH ! QWQ They are soooooo CUTE together !! Oco
Amazing wonderful and splendid ! UwU
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Really happy you think so :heart:
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You're welcome ! UwU ❤❤
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* captain america voice * I understood that reference

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Thank youuuuu ;v;
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Spidey: Dude you suck
Suki-Chan2509's avatar
It's Bakugou...that's the point xD
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