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I drew inuyasha again!! I haven't drawn him in a while. :D I was afraid that i could only draw saiyuki people now! but that seems to be proved unreal! ^^

Conundrum means a riddle, or puzzle. seeing as how he lying on the grass, he's looking at the sky, probably clouds. And sometimes clouds can look like something, but you have to figure it out. A puzzle! ^^

Anyway, hope you all like it!

Inuyasha (c) Rumiko Takahashi
Art/image (c) Suki-Chan
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He looks so cute and sleepy. MUST FAVE! *does so*
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This happens everytime I draw him! He's always cute-ish! xD
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WOW! :glomp: Inuyasha is soo cool! And I absolutely luff this pic! ^^ :D
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Magnificent. I have some Inu Yasha pictures of my own, I have yet to upload them though. But when I do I shall let you know. Random question though, do you use like photoshop or some other kind of program to color your pictures or do you just color them by hand? Jw. Well nice job on the picture, I enjoied the few others I looked at as well.^^;

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Magnificent. I have yet to upload my Inu Yasha pictures I have drawn. When I do I shall inform you. Did you use a computer program like photoshop to color that and your other drawings in, jw if you do or what. Catch ya later^^;
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:D Thankies! I'll be glad to look at you pics when they're up! And I used Photoshop 7.0
It's the only thing I have to color with, but it's a really good program! And MOST of my deviations on this site was colored on photoshop. ^^
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now for you to draw Hiei-sama... ^^
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......claire, your attempts at making me aren't helping. I can't even draw Kurama anymore!! :cries:
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OHHH INUYASHA!!!!!! i wanna keep him! *paws at computer screen*
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he is so cute.....good job!!!:)
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nice coloring inu yasha XD kinda got the chibi look going on cool :3
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AW! :love: He's ADORABLE!
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wow luv the technique on the hair. yet the eyes are far from rumiko takahashi's style its still there
Suki-Chan's avatar
ryuukai's avatar
SUUUKI! omg! when are you moving? are you free this weekend? come on.... cut chinese school. they won't care if you skip! ^^; i'm such a bad influence, huh?
Suki-Chan's avatar
um....chinese school is over......we're moving out of the HOUSE this weekend. And yes, you are a bad influence! XD
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THIS WEEKEND?!?!? THIS WEEKEND?!?! HOLY CRAP! send me your number again. i need to see you this weekend or i shall DIE! *falls over with little mixed drink sword through the heart* x.x
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It's looking really awesome :clap: and he just looks soo cyute! ^^ great job.
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Thankies!! And thanks for the fav too!! :glomp: :hug: :glomp:
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Inu is so cute in here, I like it loads :)
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really cute :D i love his hair...
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