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Downloaded and thank you
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Hi these brushes are absolutely awesome! I have a question though, hope you can listen me out...

Well when i use brushes in photoshop, i normally just choose a solid colour and paste. However, this turns out to be a very flat image, like a single colour if you know wat i mean. So my question is how did u use your brush in such a way that it looks like a light texture? (Like in the sample picture above)? Thanks!
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I would send you the PSDs if my hard drive didn't just crash =(
The key to making it a look like this is a lot of layering. First I start with a black background. Next spam the brushes using the white color. Then add some black brushing to give it shadows and it give depth. After that you can start adding some colors and playing around with the layer properties. For example when you complete the other steps, just take a dark red brush and put it over a slightly dark area of the piece. Then switch the layer type to multiply. This is how I get a rich shade of colors.

Another thing that I do is put a gradient overlay which is where about 80% of the color comes from. To get a good gradient, use colors that work well with each other like yellow and red or cyan and dark blue. Then set the gradient level to multiply. This gives a lot of depth to the brushes.

Now a simple way to give a single stroke a nice look is to paste the brush with a light color. Then press x (this should rotate your colors), pick a darker color, and paste it directly on the light paste that you made. You can get a neat effect doing that.

The main key to your question though is to keep layering with white and black layers to get depth. Hope this somewhat answers your question
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Hi thanks for the reply! I followed your instructions but cant seem to get the effect. ): is it too much to ask for a psd? Or a tut? :) really wanna get it right!
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Sorry, but I no longer have the PSDs for my older brushes such as this. My PC crashed and I lost everything. Also I have not made any tutorials. If you really want, I may be able to give you a PSD for one of my newer brush sets, but that is really all I can do.
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Ok sure! I dun wanna trouble you too much. Will you send it through email?
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Not at all. I will send it to you ASAP.
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Thank you so much for your time! I find the psd really useful :)
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thanks you very much !!! :)
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No Problem
Enjoy =D
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Your brush/brushes have just been featured in one of our articles. on Digital Ink Magazine
if you would like to view this article click the link at the end of this. I hope it helps to bring more fans to your work, all i ask is , if you can help spread the word about our site. Keep up the great work and well keep showing them.

Article Link
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I appreciate my brushes being in the article. Thanks for adding both brush packs to your site. =)
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thanks alot will def use : )
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Glad you like them.
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Downloaded. Thanks for the share :D
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Whooo Hooo
Finally got it I see.
Good Luck with using the brush pack =)
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I'll use it in my newest signature. Wish me luck :D
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Thank you very much--beautiful!
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Glad you like them =D
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I've tried to download them and it says that I can't, even though I'm using WinRar :/
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You shouldn't need WinRar. When you download it comes out as a .abr format. That is the format that the brushes need to be in.

Or is it not even letting you download it at all?
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I'm assuming I can't because it says this:
The archive is either unknown format or damaged.
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I just tried to download them and everything worked out.
I really do not know why it is not working.
If it is saying that when you try to use the brushes, that is because the version of Photoshop that you are using is one of the older versions.
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