I found more of my 'old' art!!!!!!!!

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HIIIIIIIII minna-san! I'm not dead, I promise!
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I was going to Livestream the other day, but the picture I ended up working on couldn't be Livestreamed because it's a secret! ovo It is a part of my artbook and has a walkthrough/tutorial...so...yeah. Dx No LS for it. Though maybe it doesn't really matter. I don't know. >.>

The good news is that I have crossed several things off of my infamous to-do list this past week. The bad news is there's still a lot to be done...

I feel myself at a crossroads again, mainly because the first week of productivity is over, and this is the week (week #2) where I typically drop the ball. But I can't afford to let that happen. And the issue with uploading pictures here comes down to what I work on. a lot of artbook pictures can't be uploaded because they're exclusive to the artbook. I can't upload Nightmare Rising production pictures because the project is still a secret. >< All the other pictures are sketches or unfinished CGs.


Maybe I should just upload sketches and photos from China...


Oh! This is something interesting that happened yesterday: Nana and I went to a forum at Motlow College that featured some things on the Constitution. After that, we went to her house and she gathered up her mail and some other things while I went through some of the stuff that my mom and I still have over there. I found entire stacks of drawings I completely forgot about! Photos will be on my blog. (But I have to get them out of the car first. It was raining so very hard when we came home, so we just dashed for the front door...)

I must have created more than fifty ninja. oAo It's safe to say I did...I also found all of my notes, quizzes, and tests from Algebra II. XD

Oh! Nana's going to get stuff from the car now, so away I go! >w<

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Keep working - get past the crossroad. I've got 17 active projects (clients depending on me to finish projects they're paying me for), and failure (dropping the ball) is not an option. The fact that I don't have time to do them all doesn't matter.

Keep working on what is most important, and get it off your plate. Don't say "Yes" too many times, to just anything that comes along, and ditch the projects that really aren't important. Saying "no" them in the first place is much less stressful.

Future employers and business people need people who complete things. Here's a bit of a post on doing one thing in particular quickly - you may have a better way: [link]

Have a great, productive, happy day!