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Happy April!

[Updated April 1.] 

:new: I just uploaded a new sketchdump! Make sure you're watching my Scraps folder if you want to get notified when I upload something there ^^
Sketchdump 2011 - 2015 by suishouyuki (Sketchdump) AU - False Future by suishouyuki (I also moved this one to Scraps)

:new: If you have been following me on Twitter, you will know this already, but last week I picked up the first proof for Duel Cafe! I made changes to some of the files so they would sit better in relation to the edge of the book and requested a new proof, so now I'm just waiting on that! I'm so happy to finally have something to show for all of the work (including the hard work of my guest artists!!). [Patron-only link, but feel free to browse the free posts if you don't want to become a patron, because I have some Duel Cafe previews shared publicly there as well!]

All the work for the preorder extras is done as well!! That's kinda what's been keeping me busy--that and miscellaneous other things I have had to take care of.

I mean... The hours I've spent researching shipping costs and methods for parcels like this international shipping, why are you so expensive?? /weeps It's definitely worth it, but my brain is tired by the end of all that research lol ;w; Not that I don't know how to ship stuff (I've shipped several things from my store and as gifts already); I just want to make sure I have reasonable shipping prices for heavier items, since this will be my first "heavy" item compared to things like prints. And any savings I can get I want to pass on to you! :bademoticon:

So... Waiting on printing is the current project status. Waiting is hard, guys Cry forever

Oh! Also, my store is closed while I'm updating everything in it! It's getting a rehaul and new products, so it will re-launch along with the artbook. Sorry for any inconvenience >_<

Yu-gi-oh! Fanbook "Duel Cafe" Progress

Planning | Started | Guest Artists | Main Artwork Complete | Compilation | Final Edits | Preorder Extras | Printing! | Preorders Open

Role Assignments! by suishouyuki Duel Cafe Promo by suishouyuki Duel Cafe Preview! by suishouyuki How Not to Take Orders by suishouyuki Duel Cafe Orders OpenRegular orders are now open!

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Orders will ship once per week.

Patreon Perks!
Patreon-Exclusive Treats :heart: :heart:
:bulletpurple: alternate artwork! Decide which version you like better :D
:bulletpurple: WIPs of artwork that didn't make it into the book!
:bulletpurple: PSD files!
:bulletpurple: full pose sketches for some pictures
:bulletpurple: wallpaper set (for computer and smartphone)
I'm sharing these things over on Patreon right now

Guest artists so far: Purple Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
Full pages: 33/33 Purple Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
Process pages: 2/2 Purple Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
Guest art received: Purple Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
Other: 8/8 Purple Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios

Born of a radical tournament idea, Duel Cafe serves as a place where duelists can improve their ranking before qualifying for the annual winter tournament. As for the weaklings who remain, let them eat cake. (It's really tasty.)

Not sick anymore!

Hi, everyone! Sorry for the silence lately Ritsu Tainaka (Don't go please) [V2]  I'm getting back on track! I was sick for a whole week combined with having other stuff that needed my attention, so I fell a bit behind, but progress is still being made~ I have definitely learned a lot already by doing this project... There's stuff I wish I had done in the beginning, or should have done, or shouldn't have done (lol).... But it's all a great learning experience and I'll definitely put it to use the next time I do a project like this. Doing this has not been easy and it's stressful at times. I've gotten a bit discouraged at points. Ritsu Tainaka (Boo) [V1] Even so, I'm glad I didn't let my fears win when I started, because it's also been fun! (Which is the point, so yay lol)

Anyway, Christmas is coming!!

Is everyone in the Christmas mood? Christmas- Pikachu Santa I've been falling in and out of the mood, but there are times like the wonderful moment of praise at the end of church service today where I really feel Christmas x3 I've been going around (like, to the store and stuff) wearing a Santa hat because why not? :giggle:
Oh, and we had an event at church today called "The Christmas Experience" (this is the third year, I think!) only this time I volunteered for camera help. Of course we walked around and participated as usual...and almost did Christmas karaoke but ended up not XD It was fun! I really liked it. And earlier this month we went on a tour of historic homes and businesses along a historic road downtown, which was really nice--even better than previous years--because there were more places on the tour (including lots we hadn't seen before) and we went earlier in the day so we weren't as rushed~ It's really nice getting to see historic homes decorated so beautifully.

This year we're having our Christmas on Christmas Eve since my dad has to work Christmas Day (I'm soooo excited for Christmas pancakes!!!!!  Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] ), but Christmas Day is the official family gathering~ I'll...probably just end up drawing afterwards but hey XD
What are you doing for Christmas?Santa :la:


:bulletorange: I've changed my Patreon to monthly and shuffled rewards a bit! I still need to update the graphics and FAQ to reflect the changes, but I'd appreciate any support! Azusa and Yui (Can I has chuu) [V2] 
:bulletblue: The large size for "Corporate Takeover" (this: Corporate Takeover by suishouyuki) will be restocked in February. :happybounce:
:bulletpink: Some other third thing o3o

(deleted the previous stuff to clean up the journal)</s>

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