Duel Cafe Artbook Project Underway!

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I was updating a draft but it ended up posting an entirely new journal so... All the updates are over there now Dx Sorry! Here's the new journal: Duel Cafe + New Sketchdump!Happy April!
[Updated April 1.] 
:new: I just uploaded a new sketchdump! Make sure you're watching my Scraps folder if you want to get notified when I upload something there ^^
(Sketchdump) (I also moved this one to Scraps)
:new: If you have been following me on Twitter, you will know this already, but last week I picked up the first proof for Duel Cafe! I made changes to some of the files so they would sit better in relation to the edge of the book and requested a new proof, so now I'm just waiting on that! I'm so happy to finally have something to show for all of the work (including the hard work of my guest artists!!). [Patron-only link, but feel free to browse the free posts if you don't want to become a patron, because I have some Duel Cafe previews shared publicly there as well!]
All the work for the preorder extras is done as well!! That's k

Born of a radical tournament idea, Duel Cafe serves as a place where duelists can improve their ranking before qualifying for the annual winter tournament. As for the weaklings who remain, let them eat cake. (It's really tasty.)

Anime Weekend Atlanta

Anime Weekend Atlanta was a great experience, and I'm so grateful to have met the lovely people I met there. I was amazed and happy to sell out of something for the first time--the Haikyuu! stickers and the large size of this: Corporate Takeover by suishouyuki I'm going to write up a proper summary of the whole event soon, but I need to get my ducks in a row first owo; Writing recaps takes up a lot of time x_x

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hii, this sounds like fun! I'm interested :) I do have a question, can the artwork be a crossover like have a picture of all the protagonists in a cafe themed setting?