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Last updated March 29th, 2019.

These commissions are for personal use only. No refunds/chargebacks. Patrons get first priority!
I'm trying to make these as simple as possible, so ask if you have any questions! Neko love 

kaomoji set 1 7/19

Tier 1 - entree/appetizer

single characters

purple heart bullet Head shot - plain sketch $11/1000Points  | colored sketch $16/1500Points
purple heart bullet Chest up - plain sketch $16/1500Points  | colored sketch $25/2400Points
purple heart bullet Waist up - plain sketch $25/2400Points 
purple heart bullet Mini chibi - colored sketch $16/1500Points


purple heart bullet Head shot - plain sketch $21/2000Points  | colored sketch $27/2500Points 
purple heart bullet Mini chibi - plain sketch $21/2000Points

Plain sketch = no color, no bg

Tier 2 - brunch

single characters

purple heart bullet Head shot - polished $25/2400Points 
purple heart bullet Chest up - polished $37/3500Points 
purple heart bullet Waist up - colored sketch $37/3500Points  | polished $57/5500Points
purple heart bullet Knee up - plain sketch $37/3500Points  | colored sketch $57/5500Points | polished $77/7500Points
purple heart bullet Full body - plain sketch $57/5500Points  | colored sketch $65/6300Points | polished $97/9500Points 
purple heart bullet Normal chibi - colored sketch $41/4000Points | polished $55/5300Points 


purple heart bullet Head shot
purple heart bullet Chest up*
purple heart bullet Waist up*
purple heart bullet Knee up*

Polished = clean lines and more detailed coloring
*Airbrush style background included free







How to Order


Please read my Terms of Service before commissioning me. By commissioning me, you agree to my Terms of Service.

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21543185's avatar
For a colored sketch half-body how much more would it be for a baby? Like a mother holding her baby in her arms or up in the air or something along those lines.
suishouyuki's avatar
It would be about half the price, so ~$7.
MusicIsMyMedication's avatar
ah i wanna get one but i'm poor ;n;
suishouyuki's avatar
It's okay ;v; Thanks for your interest :hug:
EngelchenYugi's avatar

First of all I need to commend you since your prices are really fair and affordable as long as one doesn't ask for the most detailed picture ever. Most people on dA (especially in the Yuugiou fandom) ask for too much money for their commissions although they make tons of mistakes when it comes to anatomy and can't even follow a simple request even when given a reference to use.


Now here is my question, I'd love to see Katsuya Jonouchi and Yuugi Mutou from you. Since I ship these two I'd love to see them in the style of various artists and to become more popular in our fandom.


However I don't understand your point of view. Do you don't draw same-sex pairings in general or only when it comes to mature content? I am asking for a simple picture without kissing or anything nasty. People often don't know the difference between shounen ai (boys love focusing on emotions and relationships) and yaoi (malexmale PORN).


If you think you can do my commission I'd love to ask you to draw a colored scetch halfbody, two characters without background which should lead to a total amount of $20.


If you're not okay with my order I still thank you for your time and wish you good luck with your future projects!

suishouyuki's avatar
Thank you for your comment on my prices! I'm happy that you think they are fair. I try to price what I feel my time and art is worth, balanced by what I myself would pay.

Thank you also for your question ^^ I wasn't aware there was a distinction between shounen-ai and yaoi, as when I was on that side of the fandom years ago I saw the terms used interchangeably. As I am happily no longer a part of that, I would rather avoid tiptoeing back into it by drawing even something so small as a "suggestive" pairing. Doing so would make me extremely uncomfortable because I know all too well the emotions that ride underneath ;w;

Therefore, when it comes to drawing something affectionate between two characters of the same gender, the most I will do is friendship~ (Or familial-relationship like parent and child.)

In short, it's easier if you request a friendship scenario and not tell me what you ship haha ;v; Ahh bust shot x2 is $20; for half-body x2 it would be $30

To give a direct answer, if my limit of friendship-level interaction is okay with you, then I would accept; however, I would decline the picture's inclusion in groups supporting such a pairing. I say this because it sounds like you may have or be a part of a group that collects such work and I don't want to disappoint you if collecting is your goal. ;v;

Thank you for considering me, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Ahh thank you! ;v; I will do my best!
EngelchenYugi's avatar
Most people on dA want way too much money for their works. A few people charge for a simple scetch over $80 so of course it's hard to find any good artists who ask for fair prices these days.

Unfortunately lots of fans don't even know that there is a distinction. They call all slash pairings yaoi although it has nothing to do with the term. But I do understand your point of view and I'm happy you replied to me.

I don't consider commissioning you anymore since you aleady pointed out that you would decline requests for groups which wouldn't help me at all. After all, I am trying to support my pairing. But I am grateful for your honest answer. Thankies~ ♥

Good luck with your other commissions and projects then. :)
suishouyuki's avatar
Oh wow oAo I usually don't see sketch prices that high. I can understand maybe a half-body full color being $80, but I haven't seen sketch commissions at that price. oAo

Well, thanks for bringing that to my attention! I'll clarify that in my journal. Thanks for understanding!

No problem XD I was concerned about that scenario so I'm glad I brought it up.

Thank you! ^^
RiverSpirit22's avatar
Would I be able to ask for a bust sketch commission? :)
suishouyuki's avatar
Sure! Just send me a note :3
AdentheCaringOne's avatar
Ok love hopefully I will have your money tomorroow
suishouyuki's avatar
:hug: No worries; I allow some time on invoices in case the client/commissioner needs to move money to their Paypal or anything like that. :aww:
I will be sending out invoices Wednesday. :3
AdentheCaringOne's avatar
invoice has been paid =3
suishouyuki's avatar
AdentheCaringOne's avatar
I want one please!!!! 8D I been waiting for your slots to open since MTAC XD
suishouyuki's avatar
Thanks so much for waiting!! Sure! Just send me a note with the info ^^
AdentheCaringOne's avatar
Ok how many commissions can we get from you? =3 im just curious
suishouyuki's avatar
As many as there are slots open ^^ The slots are listed underneath each commission type. I have a total of eight open, and one is already taken.
AdentheCaringOne's avatar
I was thinking of taking a few slots on the sketch commissions :D but I also don't wish to over work you hun ^^;
suishouyuki's avatar
Aww, I appreciate that. :hug: It's okay, though! I'm not starting on any of them until next month, and once slots are full, I'll close commissions until I'm ready to open them again. ^^ So yeah, just send me a note and I'll be happy to look it over :meow:
21543185's avatar
Oh hohoho~ imma commission a ton of sketches from you Haru-chan!!!! >}
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