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Yozaihou Urami Character Sheet 1

It's a bit "old" since I drew it all last year and finished it up just now, but.... TA DA! My YGO! OC Urami's first of probably two character sheets.
This has been requested several times for fanart reference, so enjoy! ^^

Here's a bit of her info...not all because this is just a part of her character sheet and I don't want to give away too many spoilers just yet. xP

世財宝恨み(よざいほう うらみ)
Since her first name means "resentment" she prefers to write it in hiragana (うらみ) and have others use nicknames.
Her last name means "world treasure".

Birthday: February 19 (Pisces)
Blood type: AB
Height: ~ 160 cm
Likes: reading, studying kanji
Dislikes: math, English

Family: ****
Friends: **
Study: ***
Exercise: ***
Pleasing others: *****

She hates jackets (but not hoodies) so at school she always takes off her jacket and gets in trouble a lot because of it. ^^;

Urami (C) me
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Super job. I love her skirt