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Enko Fighter



GASP. What is this?! An upload from me? NO WAY.

Kehehe...yes, I am still alive. (^w^)b I decided to take a break from my artbook for a day (though this might end up going in the original art section, lol) to finish this year-ish-old picture of Enko that I came across while browsing through files and being nostalgic (lol). Some of you might remember me streaming the sketching/coloring of this... Since then, I, everything. Ahaha. |D

Lame title is lame; it's just the name of the file... ^^;

Done in SAI and transferred to PS to save because the shading always looks lighter after I compress it and save in SAI (and then view it on my laptop). It still looks way too light. On my PC, the skirt shading looks almost black. o.o

I wish I could have SAI on my Mac. /sob

Tools: SAI
Time: I don't even know lol
Ainezumi Enko (C) me
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she looks awesome! and the ice shards in the corner looks very impressive too :aww: