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It's only Day 2 and Yugi's already heard something like this several times now. ^^; (And Yami still can't be bothered to take orders properly...but we're getting there.)

Part 1: How Not to Take Orders by suishouyuki 

I went through a couple of variations of this 4koma before deciding on this one. Even then, figuring out what to do with the last panel took a while orz Also, I'm trying out different ways of drawing comics until I settle on one I like best (for these and for my original manga). I actually quite like the "colored lines" sketch comic style I did on the last one...
This one has flat tone, without additional shading, which definitely goes quicker, but I'm so used to shading everything I'm not sure if I can stick with it XD

What do you think? :meow:
Tools: Paint Tool SAI (art); Photoshop (text)
Time: ~10 hrs??
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Yami did the same thing in the Anime too when Joey asked who the Underdog card reminded Yami of.