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Akemi (persona)

Edit 2: Thanks to :iconphotonbutterfly: for the name Akemi, which I decided to use! :hug:

Edit: Added secondary shading I forgot;;;;;

(Copy/paste from blog)
So I decided to create a persona for myself purely on a whim; I was Skyping with :iconseekinglucidity: and somewhere along the conversation I was inspired to draw/invent stuff soooo this is what happened. :dummy:

I'm still trying to think of a name for her, so I'm open to suggestions. (>u<)b Something...happy/cheery/sparkly! ouo

Her color scheme is purple, black, and blue--the blue came from Ooka-chan's lovely suggestion; I showed her the WIP and said it needed more color, but I wasn't sure which one nor where exactly to put it. Thanks to her help, I think the end result turned out quite nicely. :D I was originally thinking of giving her more of a deco style, with lots of bright colors, but in the end I do quite like this.

*wants to cosplay* owo

The background is another random...quick crayon-tool sketch that was originally orange but got changed to blue because it's easier on the eyes... Before that it was a classroom, but that idea lasted only a short while because it was taking too long. -A-
AND THE DESK. The desk was so hard;;;; I had to use a reference. (And I actually don't need to feel bad about that...using a ref ensures that my drawing is accurate. orz)

I'll make a page for this chara here on my blog and hopefully give her a name soon. Haha...

Full reference picture (one that includes shoes) will be up soon. I'll link it here when it is. ^^

Tools: SAI
Time: (lost track) 5-6 hours, I think
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She's adorable! Hmm.. as for names, how 'bout Airi (means love/affection combined with jasmine), Akemi (means bright and beautiful), Hikari (means light), or Masami (means become beautiful)?