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And now our exclusive with renowned theatrical actor Lee Sochung, best known for his extensive work covering the legendary hero Zuko.

He first entered the iconic role at the age of 17 in "To Melt a Fire" and was one of the pioneers in the re-imagined production of "The Boy in the Iceberg"- the manuscript of only 3 scenes was found several years ago. Just last year Lee extended his understanding of this complex literary character's alter ego in "The Legend of the Masked Lovers", where he first worked with Asook Kuwei, known for her exceptional portrayal of the great heroine Katara. This was a match in theatrical heaven, leading to the sold-out opening this weekend of "Shooting Through the Storm."

There have been many re-imaginings of the legendary lovers Zuko of the Fire Nation and Katara of the Water Tribe. Why do you keep returning to this character?
I've always loved the complex character of Zuko. He's so tortured but so honorable. Every action is a personal conflict. And the way these two characters play off each other in every ounce of their character and being... what can I say? Their story continues to intrigue me.

This is a much more colorful play than most featuring these characters. Other sets and costumes can be quite stark. Why is this one so brightly conveyed?
Passion. It's painful and it's tragic, but it's all just so passionate and intense- every swish of fabric, every body movement... everything has purpose and courses with life and vibrancy.

You and Asook Kuwei seem to have quite an intense chemistry between yourselves as well. Any other projects in the air between you?
Well, I can't give too many secrets away, but let's just say Asook has been having me take more melodic vocal lessons with her.

So you and Asook are growing ever closer?
*laughs* Hey now, don't get me in trouble!

Surely you've heard rumors of the Quan Shi boy who claims that the Avatar legends right down to element "benders" were real, and that he himself is the current reincarnation of the "Avatar". He's been quite vocal with his condemnation of the way the legends are portrayed, especially regarding Katara and Zuko. What are your thoughts on that?
Hmm.. alright. If he's the "reincarnated Avatar", then Asook and I are the reincarnated Katara and Zuko. And we're JUST FINE with the way these legends are portrayed.

The tale of Zuko and Katara is well-known, as are most of it's incarnations. What does this new version of the myth bring to the table?
What's so interesting about this version of Zuko and Katara's tale is that while most focus on their adventures, this is a very romantic story. For once their heroic and villainous exploits sit on the back-burner to their passionate love for one another. Don't get me wrong, there's still plenty of action, but the human emotion is what's important here.

Sochung and Kuwei are pictured above in the iconic climactic scene of the lover's tale- where Katara takes the lightning that Zuko's sister shot at him, and Zuko calls on a balance of their opposite powers to heal her. (Some versions of the tale say it was Zuko who took the hit for Katara and she that healed him.)

Be sure to buy your "Shooting Through the Storm" tickets now before they sell out!

-Jun MaChing of the Kyoshi Fan Cycle

Meh. :shrug:

Had a little shout-out to ~yume-darling's "Mask" entry. :'D
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Oh wow this is amazing
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This is soo wonderful. I can't help but agree that the tale might end up with the more interesting characters together.
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he doing de splitz!!!Britney Spears Pepsi Britney Spears No words Britney Spears Shake It Off 
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beautiful pic but ah is "Zuko" doing the splits
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this looks so pretty
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I'm a tad confused.... Were Zuko and Katara based off of real people? :confused:
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lol Not that I know of. :XD:

I was pretending they became a legend that people would mix up the story of later and be portrayed in plays and stuff. :)
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OHHHH haha sorry I was staring at my computer screen like :o say what :confused:
Thanks for explaining :p It's a good idea! :D
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Haha no worries :D I wasn't super clear with the idea. XD
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I just love this so much!!!!!!!!!!! ZUTARA!!! :iconhurrdurrplz:
Goddessa39's avatar so awesome
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ahh this is absolutely amazing! gave me goosebumps. i have to ask though, when is it set? in the future or AU? can people still bend?
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Well I had intended it to be future... but SO far in the future that things like "avatars" and "bending" are like ancient legends or myths- the way we treat King Arthur or the Greek gods. :)
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oh ok thank you!! that makes sense :)
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I don't even like Zutara at alllllll and I love this piece. ._. Well done!! Your artist comments really take the cake too.
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Aww I always love it when someone who doesn't like the ship still likes my art. :love:
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I hear ya ;) Seriously though--you don't need to like the ship to appreciate something lovely!
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