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EDIT: "ERMAGERD WHITE WASHING" or "WHY KATARA NO BROWN??" Because, darlings who refuse to read artist descriptions, I am depicting them as ye olde Japanese people. Not their normal Avatar-land ethnicities. As a consort, Katara would be trying to make herself pale even if she were naturally brown-skinned. :dummy:

Date (pronounced "DAH-teh", I think) Masamune...

Paraphrased from Wiki: "Date Masamune was a samurai and daimyo of the Azuchi-Momoyama period through early Edo period. He was iconic for his missing eye, and was often called dokuganryū, or the "one-eyed dragon". He lost eyesight in one eye as a child and it was eventually removed (by himself or a retainer is unknown). Because of this weakness, one of his parents didn't feel Masamune was fit to be heir and favored his younger sibling. This led to family tragedies, eventually resulting in his mother fleeing the household. On the field, his armies were known on sight for their black and gold armor; Masamune's cresent-moon helmet (not seen here) was especially distinctive. While he lost some early battles, theoretically due to recklessness, he was eventually known as a very powerful and influential lord, highly respected for his code of ethics."

Important differences are...
*Masamune lost his eyesight to smallpox
*It was his right eye
*It was his mother who didn't think he should inherit
*He killed his younger brother after his mother apparently tried to kill him
*Masamune was known as "an agressive and ambitious" warlord (but to be fair, you kind of had to be)

Masamune's wife was named Megohime, but I didn't intend Katara to be his wife, since the couple also had some internal strife (understatement). However, it wasn't uncommon for powerful diamyo to have consorts. If my research is accurate, consorts could be anyone from samurai women to courtesans to even peasants (courtesans usually began life as a peasant anyway). So I'm thinking Katara would be his favorite consort. ;P

(If you look closely, the Date clan crest is faintly showing behind Zuko and Katara. Also, to keep from being condemned for 'putting Katara in the kitchen', you'll notice she has something tucked away in her robe.)

----- Amazing what a little research gets ya. :laughing:-----

Day One: Family.
Day Two: Change.
Day Three: Pain.
Day Four:
...Because someone else will draw a lovely dinner for them.
Day Five: Harmony.
Day Six: A.U.

Day Seven: Storm.

I'm diggin' this heavy-black style, but this might be the last time I'll use it. I had ref'd woodblock prints and ink paintings of Masamune and others from the Edo era, but I just can't pull off the bright colored patterns without giving myself motion sickness. @_@ I used some artistic liscence on their outfits and hair after researching so I could fit my aesthetics.
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I always love Japanese Folktales and art and this one takes the cake!
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This is amazing and beautiful and just... OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! :D
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Glad you like it! :hug:
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Oh no, you caught me!! My secret racist agenda is exposed! This is indeed why I make every tan/darker skinned person I draw "pale white", so I can... er.. spread my racist agenda? No. Wait. There is no logic to that.

Once again, I drew the picture with certain details in mind. If you dislike it or disagree with it, feel free to ignore it. :)

And I would be replying this to you directly, but you seem to have blocked me from doing so. I won't be blocking you, though, because.. well, I'm a grown up and don't especially care if you say things I disagree with. :shrug:
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Katara's supposed to be brown. This doesn't even look like her. Otherwise, nice details.
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So in the description, it says that this was to make them look like Japanese people... which would explain why Katara isn't brown. :dummy: But thank you.
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There are still brown Japanese people, though. Katara is brown and should stay brown.
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As a courtesan, she would have done everything in her power (umbrellas, makeup) to be as pale as possible.
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As a brown skinned person, Katara would NOT ever be that pale. We already saw her dressed up as a Court Lady. She didn't get lighter. We saw an actual woman in the royal palace of the Earth Kingdom and SHE wasn't that pale. Neither were any of the royals of the Northern Water Tribe OR the Fire Nation.

You might as well should have just said the pic was of Zuko and Mai, since it looks like Mai anyway.
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Really? Because you look awfully close to 'that pale' in the Halloween costume you have on your profile. Heian and Tokugawa era women wore white face makeup- not unlike your skeleton makeup- not pale foundation.. white. But fine. I have my reason for why this image looks the way it does, but if you dislike it anyway, feel free to ignore it.
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You whitewashed. End of story. Then you come up with BS excuses to defend it. It's your own fault you internalized nonsense, but it's a problem that you would take a brown skinned character like Katara and make her pale white.

Btw, my Halloween costume is NOT in the same context, but good job for being a derailing racist moron.
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GAH! This is amazing, Sui! I'm really going to have to go through your Zutara collection at some point. Concept-wise, this is brilliant. Art-wise, I love the stark use of contrast and colour. <3
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Aww thanks so much dude!! :hug:
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You're very welcome, m'dear. :huggle:
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I love this concept. I like the line art and coloring on this.
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This is really nice! Kudos :)
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I usually don't like Zutara pairings, but this is DEFINATLY an exception. My AtLA OC is an 'Agni Samurai' and I think putting Zuko in Samurai Armor was a BRILLIANT idea, and it turned out freakin' AMAZING! Love the alternate story for him too.

Also did you know that origonally in early concepts the Fire Nation was based on Fuedal Japan?

Well Done and Encore! I Raise a Glass to Thy Skill!
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Oh wow thanks so much! I always love to hear when a person who isn't normally a fan of the subject material likes my art regardless. :la:

Yup I did! I think that was what led me to look up Feudal Japan in the first place. :3
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cool! and you're welcome!
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this is good, i like the info that goes with the art.
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Glad you like it. :D
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