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Like Fire... Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

Fire Nation wut wut

Totally random, but I found myself thinking of Disney today... and how two of the 3ish Disney leading ladies of color when I was growing up both: 1) Had a "sexy in red" scene, 2) Had a little scarf they played with in said scene, 3) Got their creepy villain hot 'n' bothered in said scene, 4) Were spunky badasses to the point they told their villain to fuck off.

I also went on a mental rampage comparing these two (and their spouses) to some of my favorite Avatar ladies, but let's not go into that right now XDDDD orz

In retrospect, Esmeralda should probably be taller than Jasmine, but whatev.
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now, for some odd reason, I'm hearing that song "hey sexy lady" in my head as I look at that pic. :XD:
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lol "Gangnam Style"? :D I like that song anyway!
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I want to know. Who did you compare to what Avatar character? :D
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:laughing: Haha uh-oh~

Katara to Esmeralda: appearances (coloring, bushy hair, bright eyes, more revealing red dresses as part of wardrobe) and personality (activist, treats strangers and unfortunate with love and respect, wants her people to be respected and treated justly... basically, I could see Katara freeing Quasi and I could see Esmeralda helping Haru's people and becoming the Painted Lady)

(Also Zuko to Phoebus cuz I'm a Zutarian lol: Confused military man who starts off on the wrong side of a conflict but tries to remain for duty and honor... until he hears orders he simply cannot follow (burning everything down, for both stories) and switches to "the good guys". Both heroic and dorky.)

Korra to Jasmine: High-ranking lady who gets locked away for her "protection" (in the White Lotus compound in the South or Airtemple Island for Korra.. the royal palace for Jasmine), but who actually seeks a life of adventure and righting the wrongs of the world they're responsible for (as Avatar or Princess). Both go undercover to see another side of their world. She can be naive, quick to temper, and maybe a bit reckless... but just wants freedom and to help her people. (Frankly, I see both of these ladies as a bit more badass lol... also they have similarities in appearance and seem fond of poofy pants lol)

(And Mako to Aladdin because why not: Lost his parents and grew up on the streets without help from really anyone and turned to illegal things to survive (theft, working with shady people, so on~). Ends up falling for aforementioned headstrong high-ranking lady and puts everything on the line to help her (and when necessary, save her) but also has a nasty habit of lying to her along the way.)
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Hey, I put this on myself. I wanted to hear it.
Wow. You really have put a lot of thought into this, haven't you? That's really awesome!
Though, I haven't watched LoK yet, so I don't quite know half of what you are saying. :P
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To be honest, these are the kind of random things that just cross my mind when my eyes glaze over during class. :XD:

:laughing: Well, maybe one day it'll all be more clear! haha
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XD The sad thing is, when I'm in class, all I can think about is work, not A:TLA. Or Disney. Either would be good with me!

Ha! I really want to see it. Is it good?
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I really like it. It has a generally more mature tone than AtLA... but it definitely also has some issues too (pacing, certain plot twists, character development or lack thereof). I'd recommend it, but know going in that it won't be perfect. :)
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Well, of course. But, if it is anything like A:TLA, it's gotta be awesome, right?
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DAMN these ladies are FIIIIIIINE!!!:iconinloveplz:
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this is beautiful~!
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Awesome, some other Disney characters of color would be Meilin and Pocahontas
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By "Meilin", do you mean "Mulan"?

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Whoops lol yes, sorry I was also viewing a CCS drawing of Meilin lol
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Haha no worries :D
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... You just made my day. :love:
Awesome work, my dear. :)
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