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Uhh... I know I have white spots in there... but uh... yeah... Still want to to redraw Bumi too... it doesn't look quite right, but pretty good I'd say for my first full attempt.

Anyway~ The Avatar: Korra/Aang with her other family, Rohan, Jinora, Meelo, Ikki, Kya, Pema, Tenzin, Katara, and Bumi.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra (c) Bryke
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This is so sweet! I love how Korra basically becomes an extension of their family.
TheDivineMissM-94's avatar

I wonder if Rohan is reaching for Korra's hand or Aang's :P

Fantastic job, you captured them all perfectly :D

SuirenShinju's avatar
He's amused by the spinning marbles
TheDivineMissM-94's avatar
AH! I totally missed those :XD: Thank you :)
TheArmyArtist's avatar
I think you did a good job on Bumi. Great family portrait!
Vivacia18's avatar
Aww, what a lovely family portrait:heart: It seems like the kind of thing Katara would have in her room:)
Bellykid5's avatar
From a distance it looks like Aang has yellow hands wrapped around his neck.
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