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October 22, 2009
So,Commander,what is your plan by ~Suirebit
Well, if the artist's plan was to create an amazing piece of art, then it definitely worked out!
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So,Commander,what is your plan

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….asked Niane

Commander Vern kept starring for a moment at the distant ship, like a father who sees his son for the last time;

- Tomorrow….tomorrow I will let you all know…Don’t worry, we will drive the bastards out of our system! But for now, let’s enjoy the peace and serenity of this planet.

His crew needed morale and that’s what he would give them. But he knew very well that they had no chance in a direct confrontation; The only reasonable thing to do was to venture alone, outside the system, in an attempt to find Phoenix, the ancient battlecruiser hidden deep inside the Hades Nebula…

Technical details:

The Foreground of this image is modeled, textured and rendered in 3dsmax (MR+FG)
The Background is created in Vue
Original size: 3600x2000

Thanks for viewing!
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StellarReaches's avatar
Good emotional work: sci-fi romance, done very well!
This is very well done! If this Illustration is part of a series, I do hope we will see more.:) (Smile) Clap 
MASCH-ART's avatar
super image, great work:) (Smile)
MA1H1's avatar
but how I can download gighr resolution for my descktop wallpaper?
Colourbrand's avatar
Glorious - I just adore the serenity here :)

I am inspired :D
wlad77's avatar
I don't know how to properly commentate on this... I simply wish I was there. It almost looks completely real.
profutur1971's avatar
Beautiful image ! Beauty, originality, and more ! Good job ![link]
originalgaijin's avatar
thats beautiful thanks for posting
JoeVinton's avatar
Veggun's avatar
awasome tittle
RizarLogic's avatar
Love the futuristic scene!

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
BergOne's avatar
Enchanting. It tells its own story, but that little snippet makes it even better.
excelente vista y concepto me encanto
sonicaust's avatar
This is probably one of the best BSG images I've ever seen and it doesn't even feature a closeup of any of the ships (just one in the distance) or the cylons. It really makes you feel like your walking through the corridors of some low-flying ship or tower of some kind, just looking out onthe wonder and beauty of the sky outside!
masterofThardus's avatar
Wait a minute......Battlestar Galactica!?
Magnum117's avatar
Beautiful 3D render of the elements of the scene! I love the clean sleek shape of the interior area.

TRGamer8's avatar
Magnifficent idea, great job =)
oooh i like it!
newyam's avatar
A masterpiece, really!
Congrats to the DD^^ :)
Amras-Arfeiniel's avatar
A nice Babylon5 Warlock. Did you made it?
wrshredder's avatar
Nicely done!
This is pretty much like what im planning to do..

Are those BSG symbols in the walls? =D
SubjectiveLight's avatar
This is one of my all time dA favs...awesome job, just love it
Osiris2000's avatar
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