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Adventure Time!



What time is it?!


oh my glob.. my favorite cartoon as of today.. damn i cant believe this show made me love cartoon despite my age DXXX
it's just too random!!! i love how all characters are different from one another even in personalities!

Every episode is full of adventure! Be sure to watch Adventure Time!

I would like to thank everyone who viewed this picture, especially the ones who faved and left a comment for it. You all deserve the highest quality of this file. Click download button to get the highest resolution possible!

I have received a lot of notes about this piece being used in websites, blogs, etc. I am not asking for much in return so the least I could ask is at least credit my work properly. DO NOT STEAL or CLAIM this piece as your own. If you are planning to use this piece, please do send me a note.
Base Colors: MikkouKun
Lines and Renders: Suihara

Genderbent Version:
Genderbent Adventure Time! by Suihara

Update (1/10/2014)
The stolen version by Marshall--time has finally been taken down by dA, and also his/her account has been banned too! It wouldn't be possible without everyone's help regarding the matter! Thank you very much everyone for supporting to original piece and giving importance and concern especially against stolen works out there! Be it a lesson to anyone out there who use other's art without permission. Let's all make dA a very enjoyable place to stay!
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Such an Iconic picture