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The life of the Festival



I am very disappointed in this picture. *Shrugs* it counts for levels at least :D

So here is the Pokemon line up:

Sting the Weedle belongs to me.
Silent Strike the Bug Eevee belongs to me.
Tidal the Totodile also belongs to me.
As does Cake the Munna.

Ambrose the shiny Munna belongs to Sombrasaurus (Because she works so hard and is amazing!)
Alice the Phantump belongs to SenseiRain2604 (Because she answered my annoying questions without complaining :D)
Chesters the grass fusion Rattata belongs to Shiningstarofwinter (Because Chester is adorable and you also put up with my questions and general noobiness)
Lib the Magnemite belongs to M1LK-CH3RRY (I am sorry about that receipt mix up UwU)
Humia the Dratini/Riolu belongs to millemusen (Because they asked)
Hooters the HootHoot belongs to TheHaloGuy (You are always on the chat and you're so nice!)
Ender the Frillish/Pumpkaboo belongs to :devPiranha2021: (Because you are a sweetie and included Sage in your festival pic)
Tandy the Firetini belongs to Goku-Kun-The-guard (Because you are amazing and a good friend)
Ramsey the Cyndaquil/Eevee belongs to bdg222 (You are smelly and you know it!)
And finally Lumeire the dragon fusion Litwick belongs to Pyr0m4ncer (Just because :P)

All mons get 8 levels for (crappy) Fullbody (2) + (If the scanner didn't kill it) Shading (2) + (What almost killed me) Detailed BG (2) + Festival Bonus! (2) .

In the first stall of the festival (the one on the left) we have Ender fishing for plastic ducks. Humia is watching the ducks in fascination while Lib watched Ender in suspense. Will Ender win a stuffed Diglett or Sentret plush, a necklace or one of those Pokeball toys?

In middle stall we see Tidal has gotten into the Fairy Floos or Cotton Candy as it is called everywhere else. He has already given his half sister Cake some, but Alice wants to have some as well. Ramsey the Cyndaquil/Eevee is chucking a tantrum because he thinks Tidal will give his treat to Alice. Ambrose is heading over to Cake, probably to talk about secret Munna business. Poor Tidal all he wants to do is see his gf, Hei at the festival! 

In the last stall (the right one) is Karaoke stall. We have Tandy the Firetini trying to hold into the drumsticks, but it's hard when you have no hands :D so she is in the middle of flinging/dropping them. Silent Strike is singing the words from a stand and Lumeire is enjoying it from the roof. Which they are hanging from.

Above the hum and rum of the festival, Chesters is startled to realised there is a Weedle hiding on the sign. Sting is slowly plotting murder or something. Hooters is above the Karaoke stall, enjoying the (Aweful?) show. 

So this took me hours O.o so I hope you guys at least enjoy the levels!
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Wow this is awesome! Even if it did not come out as you hoped for it, all of the thought and detail that went into this is amazing and wonderful.  I have seen super detailed pictures that were not nearly as fun to look at, and their descriptions are never this cool!
Thank you so much for including Chester! I am glad you like him, he was a lot of fun to make, practically drew/wrote himself. 
And I love talking with you, I love answering questions :hug:  So anytime, anytime at all.
Me: Noobinesss? What Noobiness?  *peers around*