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Here is the story guys! I put it into scraps so everyone can tell me if I got their pokemon's character right and to double check a few things. 

I hope you like! (Also does this count as a gift??)

(Not 100% sure on levels because my maths is crap) it's 6276 words!!

Spud- 11 levels (Move learnt, Mega Drain!!)
Miku- 11 levels
Clown- 11 levels
Julian- 11 levels
Pedro- 11 levels
Frigga- 11 levels (Moves learnt, Discharge and Aerial Ace) 
Pizza- 11 levels (And Moves learnt, Swift, Mach Punch and Silver Wind!!)
Paul- 11 levels

Firebolt- 11 levels (Moves learnt, Dragon Rage)
Cora- 11 levels
Storm's Eye- 11 levels
Desert- 11 levels 
Sage- 11 levels
Blooper- 11 levels 
Marshmellow- 11 levels 
Dusty Slim- 11 levels 
Aria- 11 levels
Skorupi- 11 levels (+ 2 for the gift!)
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Dammit Paul get your act together