Pokemon Reign: The High Seas (Exploration).

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Phoebe grumbled as she entered the wooden boat. It swayed as she moved her body across the floating device and Phoebe tried not to feel sick. Her hands felt clammy as she gripped the oars and she used her leg to kick away from the wharf. Once she found she was far enough away from the wharf she started to use the oars to push her and the boat further out into the ocean.

Phoebe didn’t mind the ocean most of the time, but she wasn’t looking forward to rowing herself a long distance in the rare chance that she might find a Pokémon or a bottle with an item in it. Still the ambitious leader wanted her kingdom to grow and soon she would be able to mark herself on the map.

The trainer was dressed in her skin tight red cosplay suit that resembled her marvel hero, and the sun was beating down on her causing her to feel hot and sweaty. She thought it was disgusting really and she hoped that she would find something soon. She rowed for what seemed like hours (but it was probably only 20 minutes), until she paused to stare at the two Pokeballs that she decided to carry with her.

She wasn’t brining her own Pokémon today, which was the reason for her nerves. Despite how some of her Pokémon acted, she knew that she could rely on them… sometimes… well maybe only 2 of them for certain. While she had used one of these random Pokémon before, she wasn’t sure how it would react, as the Spiritomb (whose name she discovered when Josephine made the formal request to borrow her) was difficult last time but eventually did as she wanted it to. The Ducklett that Josephine insisted she borrowed from a nun was named The Celestial. Phoebe thought Ducklett were the stupidest water types, but Josephine had insisted this one would be useful.

To better ties Josephine had told her, but Phoebe was sure that the scientist wished to run tests on her Pokémon. What she did with that data, Phoebe never knew but she had hopes that it would benefit her kingdom someday.

A wind started to pick up and it cooled Phoebe down a bit, but she could feel the sweat on her skin and the salty tang in the air and the trainer decided she should turn back as it looked like nothing would appear. The endless waves rolled on and Phoebe’s arms had started to burn with the effort of rowing against the tide. A flicker of lighter blue shimmered beneath the waves before a massive Ice Beam broke through the waves and hit the small wooden boat. Phoebe growled in anger and she grabbed the Pokeballs and tossed them into the air, which released the Pokémon inside.

A familiar Spiritomb’s stone fell safely onto the boat before the purple and green, wispy body emerged from it. The swirly eye gazed at the icy chucks that had formed on the boat before he stared at the water. The Ducklett gracefully flew above, her shadow fell on Phoebe and blocked out the sun’s rays. The blonde haired trainer was surprised at how big The Celestial was, as she was bigger than an average sized Ducklett. Phoebe shrugged as she figured the larger size of the water bird would be more useful if the boat capsized.

Phoebe’s eyes were drawn to another flicker of blue and another Ice Beam erupted from the waves and smashed into the boat at a greater force than the previous one. Splinters fell into the water and Phoebe knew that they had sprung a leak. Hangman, the Spiritomb’s stone had slipped from the seat on the wooden boat and fell onto the bottom. The bottom of the boat was quickly gathering water, so Phoebe scooped up the stone and placed it back on the seat, just in time for Hangman to see that the water or ice Pokémon was about to attack again.

The light blue, icy beam was fired again but this time it didn’t connect with the boat. Instead The Celestial flew towards the beam at blinding speeds, so much so that Phoebe couldn’t blink or she would miss it. The large Ducklett tucked in her wings and charged at the Pokémon at a low altitude. The Ducklett’s body dipped under the waves and crashed into the foe and send it reeling. The whiskered face of a Sealeo appear from the watery depths. The Celestial landed on the boat, its body seemed to have taken damage from the attack it had just used. Hangman cried out and its body leaned forward to show the battle was not over yet.  The air grew cold and a dark gust of wind hit the Water/Ice type which seemed to affect it deeply as it looked a lot weaker now. Faced with two formidable foes, the Sealeo retreated to the underwater which earned a sneer from Phoebe.

Sick of all the adventure and not wanting to attract any more trouble (Until she found her spare Pokeball that is), Phoebe decided to row back to the wharf where she kicked off from after she tried to cover the leak with her boot. Hangman remained outside of his ball on the wooden seat next to Phoebe, ready for another assault or to target a foe that was ripe for the catching. The Celestial wasn’t too badly hurt, so on Phoebe’s orders she took to the skies in search of items or Pokémon that would assist Phoebe. The blonde in the red cosplay suit couldn’t wait to be on land and reunited with her Pokémon again, but it seemed like she had hours of rowing left to do and the boat might sink before then. She was lucky she was a good swimmer.
For once Phoebe didn't steal the other trainer's pokemon that she was using. It was thanks to Josephine though, her scientist who realized that Phoebe would get a bad reputation by stealing all those Pokemon. So our trainer in red decided to tackle the high seas with Bleakfield's The Celestial and Agnesi's Hangman. Phoebe didn't feel great about the journey thanks to her Pokemon not being with her, and of course she gets attacked by a crazed Pokemon. Thankfully the Pokemon she has borrowed were well trained. 

Type of Exploration: By Biome.
Type/Biome: The Ocean. 
Items being Used: Soothe Bell. 

The Celestial - Deviant Ducklett - NebulaFrog
Hangman - Spiritomb - bdg222

The Celestial learnt Brave Bird!
Hangman Learnt Ominous Wind!

975 words.
© 2015 - 2022 suicunetobigaara
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Word Count: 945

The Celestial gained 12 Attack, 10 Defense, 2 Sp. Attack, 5 Speed.
The Celestial has earned 29 stat points! The Celestial gained 5 level!

Hangman gained 13 HP, 5 Attack, 2 Sp. Attack, 5 Sp. Defense, 6 Speed.
Hangman has earned 31 stat points! Hangman gained 6 level!

Trainer earned 79 Trinities.

Very Rare Reward
You found a(n) Chimera Shedinja/Baltoy [Ability 2]. Would you like to take it home with you?
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Yes please, I would love to take the Chimera Shedinja/Baltoy home <3 Could he be a male please? (Thank you so much!)
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With ability two, both species have one ability. Do I go with Baltoy's ability since it is the second species or do I pick? 
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You can pick which ability. The way abilities work may change in the future for battling though. So I will leave it as ability 2 on your inventory.
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Thanks Rose. I wasn't 100% sure and if it changed then I will change the ability to fit in the decision that is made. 
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