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Gym Battle: Vs AkaPanuka - Part 4



So it's a gym battle between AkaPanuka and myself. Part 4 of 4, the final one!

So yeah no Firebolt in this one. All the levels to Saturn (Yay! Firebolt has been hogging the spotlight for too long!!)
I am very proud of the 1st panel, the shape looks great to me and was the best I could do. The colouring is slightly changed because of the rushing inferno coming towards Saturn. I spent the most time on this one, with the layering of pencils, the shading. I got sick of blue for the last panel and hoped the colour of the fire would pop against the gray background. I really tried for complex shading, but I don't think I have got it enough.

Firebolt: Nothing on this page
Saturn: Headshot (1) + minor shading (1) + simple background (1) + chibi (1) (does it count as chibi on the last panel?)= 4 levels.

Total level count:
p1: Firebolt gets 18 levels. Saturn gets 10 levels.
p2: Firebolt gets 30 levels. Saturn gets 20 levels.
p3: Firebolt gets 28 levels. Saturn gets 10 levels.
p4: Saturn 4 levels.

Saturn gets 48 levels!
Firebolt gets 84 levels!

Firebolt reached level 100! 
31 levels were sent to Blooper-… via the exp share!!
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Good luck Sui! Rooting for you!