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Heart Escher

title: Heart escher...which is a lie...i never did really like escher...but i like this fractal...especially the little "plastic" like spirals in the middle...i miss making fractals...i miss talking to people in the chat...i miss my DA life
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I have been in the far edges of this place for a decade +, keep losing email addresses so on 3rd account now. Been gone awhile and so much has changed.....looking for favorite artists and resources has brought me here. Too much loss has all but brought this place to it's knees. You, Bunny, zyorg ,pheonixkeyblack.....can't list all the Legends. Just want to say don't lose heart. Don't take priceless resources and wisdom from this art form. From this place. I have yet  had the chance to be as great at fractals as you. Nikki Danzik

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Great to see another of your gorgeous fractals!!  You are missed!!!
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I am the only one chilling in the Aposhack room. I do miss those days.
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i miss it too! no one is ever there :(
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Do you have the discord infomation still? That is were everyone is at now.
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Very cool creation!
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You and you're art is missed here too.  Escher is not one of my faves either.  This is interesting in a good way.  
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cool to see ur fractals again...we miss u too
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Bless your heart!  I understand that real well.  I have never been one for Escher much either but I do love these.  They are just so gorgeous! 
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beautiful colors especially the greens.
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