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Scary emo girl sketch :P

Just something i sketched up last night for fun :P

0.7mm pacer on a sketchbook :P
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MrPoetates's avatar…   Please check this link to see if you art is being stolen
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Very well done I really like it. :) 
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I looked up voodoo doll for one of my drawings I was going to do, and I found this. I love it.<3
EmoKawaiiNeko's avatar
This is absolutely perfect
I hope you're not suicidal; you've got a talent for art and I would hate to see it wasted.
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I've drawn this!!!! xD AMAZING!!!!!
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soooo me if i were a girl!!!!
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for fun? That is amaazing.
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Wow i really love it :D
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This is amazing, love your work and especially your sketches. Would you mind if I'd draw this but give you all the credits?
Awesome style!
suicidal-voodoo-doll's avatar
your welcome to draw this as long as credit is given :) otherwise i shall wield my report hammer with mighty justice :P
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this is sweet! :D I love it!!! U should check out my work and give me some tips!
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Awesome looking picture, I really love how you did her eyes and hair especially.
Could I possibly use your design?
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She's beautiful :3
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I really like it. I wish I could draw hands like that.
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Awesome! I luv this art!
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Got stolen here: [link] :3
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