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Hollow Knight - Mantis Lords


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Hollow Knight - Mantis Lords


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The Winter Soldier Cosplay 4

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New artist recommendation!

My friend Elle is trying to promote her friend's work, and after taking a look, I wanna do the same. It's a pretty unique style, and I'd like to see it grow from experience as I have with my other friends. The prices are fair as well, so if you're looking for an affordable commission, I'd say give her a look. As always, I also recommend taking a look at the three I support on my front page. For convenience, here they are: ~suiatsea ( :iconippotsk: :icongredellelle:


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The Obsidian Emperor

The Obsidian Emperor His Expanded Journal Information Associated with: Hunting, Jewels, Death, Darkness, Omens Other Names: The Huntsman, The Executioner, Lord in the Shadows, Sephulchre Symbols: Bow and Arrow Chains Raven/Crow Bones Fur Burial Urn Charcoal Ash Smoke Bats Colors: Black Grey Dark Blue Mythical Animals: Nightmare Cerberus Ghosts Facts/Lore -- Depictions Associations and Representations


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Feature 042: A Canine Crew

I have decided to try and do a feature journal every 5 days to a week! It's a lot of fun for me to do and helps you out too. The feature for this time will be none other than various dog species (except wolves, they will have their own feature in the future.) Mostly domestic, however there are quite a few OCs or wild dog characters in here as well. ^^ I already did a cat feature quite a long time ago, so it was high time I did one for their canine opposite! I do actually have a young pup myself as well as my two cat boys--his name is Parsley. Don't ask, I didn't name him. XD Dogs certainly have a different energy to cats, I can't deny that, f

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Art vs Artist


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My Brush Set 2014


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