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Clausten: Hugging by SuhaiCo Clausten: Hugging :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 2 0 Vocaloid!Ninten by SuhaiCo Vocaloid!Ninten :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 1 0 Sleeves by SuhaiCo Sleeves :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 2 0 Sonic: Fire and Darkness by SuhaiCo Sonic: Fire and Darkness :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 5 0 Happi Salena by SuhaiCo Happi Salena :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 3 1 Running by SuhaiCo Running :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 4 0 Sonic! by SuhaiCo Sonic! :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 6 0 OC: I'm The Best Around!! by SuhaiCo OC: I'm The Best Around!! :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 1 0 OC: I'm World Class! by SuhaiCo OC: I'm World Class! :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 1 0 Spectrum Crescent - Cover by SuhaiCo Spectrum Crescent - Cover :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 0 1 OC: Future Nebula - What're You Looking At? by SuhaiCo OC: Future Nebula - What're You Looking At? :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 4 4 Collab: The Orange Event by SuhaiCo Collab: The Orange Event :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 2 2 OC: Future Nebula - Choose Your Ending. by SuhaiCo OC: Future Nebula - Choose Your Ending. :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 2 1 OC: Future Nebula - From the Future by SuhaiCo OC: Future Nebula - From the Future :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 1 0 OC: Sinister C. Brandi  by SuhaiCo OC: Sinister C. Brandi :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 3 0 (OC) Tsuyo - New Design by SuhaiCo (OC) Tsuyo - New Design :iconsuhaico:SuhaiCo 1 0


(CANCELLED)Deal with a devil (CnM) Part-1 by xXPurple-LoveXx (CANCELLED)Deal with a devil (CnM) Part-1 :iconxxpurple-lovexx:xXPurple-LoveXx 73 7
BATIM/Inked Cuphead headcanon info
Also known as Inkonvenience
 (Comic cover)
Here's the comic folder link (it has the amount of pages so far [and of course more pages will be added owo]).
In this headcanon Cuphead and Mugman did not go to the casino to gamble like in the beginning of the game. 
  This headcanon is a BendyStraw one that starts off with Cuphead finally being fed up with Mugman's annoyance and he then leaves him as shown in this picture below (In this headcanon Cuphead is very much a douche to pretty much everyone [Except for Bendy once he meets him]). 

At this point in time Mugman is questioning himself as to what he did wrong.
  Cuphead ventures to world 3 at night where he finds a abandoned building (which is Bendy's studio). Once there he notices that the building is boarded
:iconradiodemondust:RadioDemonDust 81 181
PMMM + SBB - Madoka
A Magical Girl who debuted in the Japanese anime "Puella Magi Madoka Magica."  She lives in Mitakihara Town.  After making a contract with the fiary Kyubey, she protects her town from evil entities called Witches.  She wields a magical bow with which she can fire multiple arrows at once.  She never loses hope in a fight no matter what.
Seeing as how popular the anime is, it would be interesting to see Madoka become the first anime character to become part of the roster.  Her stats would be similar to those of Mario.  However, she would be a light jumper and her attack power would be stronger.  She would only bring out her bow and arrow when the move calls for it.
- - - Special Moves - - -
Standard Special - Freccia Esplosiva
Fires a large, powerful arrow. Holding down the button will charge the attack and allow the player to aim the arrow in any direction. The more charge th
:iconspdude18:SPDUDE18 40 12
Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no sho by xephonia Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no sho :iconxephonia:xephonia 568 15 Platelets at work by xephonia Platelets at work :iconxephonia:xephonia 211 11 Raphtalia by xephonia Raphtalia :iconxephonia:xephonia 367 5 Ultimate Chimera by eilyBlueberry Ultimate Chimera :iconeilyblueberry:eilyBlueberry 22 2 How underwhelming by eilyBlueberry How underwhelming :iconeilyblueberry:eilyBlueberry 38 6 Love Letters by eilyBlueberry Love Letters :iconeilyblueberry:eilyBlueberry 82 21 Broken Brothers by psiinfinity Broken Brothers :iconpsiinfinity:psiinfinity 23 1 Ness by PotatooChips Ness :iconpotatoochips:PotatooChips 41 2 Kill it with Fire by SawksSomberCircus Kill it with Fire :iconsawkssombercircus:SawksSomberCircus 64 5 MOTHER 3 COIN -good guys side by pkluccas MOTHER 3 COIN -good guys side :iconpkluccas:pkluccas 116 10 Magicant Chatroom ComicVer. - That Kid pt.1 by MemoriiMakiko Magicant Chatroom ComicVer. - That Kid pt.1 :iconmemoriimakiko:MemoriiMakiko 105 26 overcoming shyness by Neny-Paradise overcoming shyness :iconneny-paradise:Neny-Paradise 188 11 is this suposed to be fun?! by pkluccas is this suposed to be fun?! :iconpkluccas:pkluccas 192 30


I wouldn't say Vocaloid really, but considering he can sing, my mind brought me to a weird place where he can be a second Hatsune Miku, but he's a person on his own (you get me?)

You can expect a redraw.
Claus told Ninten to wear this sweater with the sleeves being really big. Ninten's hands are behind his back too. It's just not clear because of how small I drew the sleeves - sadly.

This is part of my Ideas-For-Drawing list: Clausten.
Sonic: Fire and Darkness
New Year Post. Yay. Damn titles.

I just had dreams where Sonic had these cool powers other than speed, using uh.. 'Chaos Energy'. I have also been thinking about Archie Sonic lately so I guess there's that too.
School,  makes me tired As hell.  Its fun n all but there are too many activities happening.  Im fine with it but im just super tired,  like CCA which is a one-day-daily thing.  It still makes me tired.  Requests n all will continue but,  not done until then. So.....  sorry x3


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