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TRON: Legacy

Start Orb :
= Use Windows 7 Start Orb Changer [link]
= TRON Start Orbs [link]

Rocketdock :
= Get Rocketdock from here [link]
= Ecqlipse 2 Iconset [link]

Wallpaper :
= I got it from DA, but I can't find it now. Its included in the Skins folder though.


* The Wallpaper is in the "skins\TRON Legacy\Resources" folder.

* To get Gmail working, Right click on the Skin and choose "Edit Skin". Scroll down and change the Username & Password.

* For the weather, Go to and search for your city. Copy the Weather code that appears in the address bar. Right click on the Skin and choose "Edit Skin". Scroll down and change the Weather Code.

The skins included here were modified from the following skins. Respect & Thanks to the original artists for their skins.

* Weather, Links, Mail : scrollsofaryart [link]

* Notes : Enigma by Kaelri [link]

* WMP skin, Network : WMP Example & illustro by poiru [link]

* Clock, RAM, CPU, BAT, HDD : Simplesentence by White-Baron [link]

This is my first skin. Hope Ya'll like it.

© 2011 - 2021 suhaibkhan
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Thanks for the sweet skin. After some tweaking, here's my new desktop based on this skin:

Btw, my music player is actually Winamp. Since the WMP widget doesn't support Winamp, I used the Enigma music widget and styled it to look like TRON. I'm only using the WMP widget to display "Now Playing"  ^_^
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is there any way to change it from using WMP to itunes? also can I use a different email rather than Gmail?
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Anybody Wants This wallpaper .. Check this
You'll need to refresh the skin(s) after using your settings with them.
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Please tell me how to set it up. You didn't explain very well. :(
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How do you get your desktop icons to look like that?
how to make weather and gmail work? i followed what you said but nothing happend. :|
I installed it but nothing happened. HELP PLEASE!
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Me too :c I've the same problem, any way to fix it?
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Everything works great! Very nice rainmeter skin, I set everything up except when I use the WMP gadget it shows 0's for the artist,song, and album. If anyone knows how to fix this I would appreciate the help.
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need help where do i get the stuff and install
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As soon as I saw this, I HAD to do it:-)
Check out my screenshot here: [link]

I'm also came across a top-down command line interface for Linux (Guake [link]), but I can't seem to find one for Windows. It would be a nice addition, unless I port the whole thing to Linux:-)
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How have you on the HDD and RAM, it managed to change the color in a semicircle, I get the code from the White Baron not go and the config of it does not help me also :wtf:
DoppeltesRisiko's avatar
ok has done just taken your possessions: D
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Looks Amazing!! :)
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woow fantastic!
suhaibkhan's avatar
Glad you like it! :)
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most revolutionary tron legacy desk i've ever seen
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intriguing o.o is there a way to make the clock better tho? it seems to clash with the rest of the stuffs
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