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Bleach: This is Why People Die

By Suguri
I started looking into Bleach a little while ago and, of course, my favorite character is the bitchy little boy. And thus, I must torment. Welcome to the family, Hitsugaya!

And on a side note, I was very, very uncomfortable drawing Matsumoto. Three guesses as to why. First two don't count.
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E-guardias's avatar
how cute captain 
li101's avatar
Lol! Feel sorry for him.
BlackButlerMadameRed's avatar
i think he just dont kill her because shes pretty 1st test icon - pervy Lari and youre right hes bitchy Icon - 005 Emily (Pissed) when she would be a boy...:IShotTheMaid: 
Jeanette9a's avatar
#14- Law of Inverse Lethal Magnitude- The destructive potential of any 
object/organism is inversely proportional to its mass. 
First Corollary- Small and cute will always overcome big and ugly. Also 
known as the A-Ko phenomenon.

she know exactly why she did that. extra cute = extra powers. 
MajinYggdrasill's avatar
yep hes gonna kill her in 3...2...1...XD
AnEclipseAtdusk's avatar
I love this!!~ He bloody looks so cute!~ Are you the one who made a Christmas version of this?
superpower-pnut's avatar
Everybody's favorite character is the bitchy little boy.  They should have made an omake like this.  
lollipoptheif's avatar
AHHHH!!!!! I love it!!! I love Lill"Shiro!!!! He's just so awesome! I'm writing a fanfiction for ToshiroxOC
FellitoRockero's avatar
Being cute was not his choice, yet the whole situation's hilarious.
trana-blay5's avatar
A friend of mine printed this picture out to tape onto one of her binders, but it had a caption added to it. It said "Do not argue with idiots. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience." XD
jazmin1789's avatar
awww. he looks so cute!X3
Chippani-Chan's avatar
yukipup's avatar
Too cute xD <3
perfectinsanity1's avatar
OMG toshiro you look so cute!!! (toshiro- HYORIMARU!!!) OO
KilaWolfsblut's avatar
Toshirou is so cute! :3
Song-Of-War's avatar

*dies of love*
ChibiLoveMangaka's avatar
HItsugya is the best<333<3 :iconbadassplz:
pokescream12's avatar
Awww... Does the little captain not like his makeover? Hehehe!
demon-sebastion's avatar
0.o torshiro >.< why did you let rangiku do that to you >.> well i feel bad for you torshiro
lolly-pop-luver's avatar
I'll help you beat up Matsumoto XD
BleachFreak84's avatar
Aw poor Toshiro. GO RANGIKU!
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