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It's Okay to Feel

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Something I'm learning in therapy right now that I think is really important to share: IT'S OKAY TO HAVE FEELINGS. It's okay to have any feeling. It's okay to have every feeling.

Feelings tell you how you're doing. Even 'negative' feelings are important. The one I have the hardest time with is anger; I've always thought it was horrible. But you know what it means when you're angry? It means that your needs aren't being met. It tells you that something needs to change.

Growing up, I wasn't allowed to be angry, and I wasn't allowed to be sad or cry. I have a really hard time with these emotions now, and I avoid them like the plague.

But they're important, and I need to learn to accept them.

I actually have this written on my inspirational whiteboard in my bedroom. "I feel ______ right now and that's OKAY."

Re-learning how to think is really hard, but we can do it together. ♥

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it's not.

i just had a 10 minute conversation with cleverbot to appease my need for people who like me

so uh yall are fine, i am not.

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i have to use thiss
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About to use in a few mins--
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Im only ever afraid to express myself when it comes to crying in public (at home I'm a mess though), I don't really know why. I go to the store in my pjs and couldn't care less about what others think. but I always hold back tears when I'm in public. It really doesn't make any sense
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I feel the same way about crying. I think that, for me personally, it's partly about peoples' responses being more personal. Sometimes people try to comfort you or ask what's wrong, or avoid you, but you might feel pressured to start answering their questions, or just start wishing they'd leave you alone....
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using. Thank you for making this.
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my "best friend" decided she didnt wanna be my friend anymore because i was depressed (even though i thought i was doing better than before, and i literally only fall into some depressed state every few months)

since then ive felt pretty bad about myself, but i gonna try to involve myself with better people and try accepting how i feel. because being sad isnt wrong. being happy isnt wrong. there is no feeling that is wrong or invalid.
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i actually stayed at a behavioral center because of my depression, but it made me feel worse. all the staff kept telling us we werent allowed to be sad or cry because "no one wants to see that"

im glad im not going back there again
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Using! I love this so much because it's okay to express how you feel!
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I'm adding a tiny tidbit for younger adolescents unable to discern from the two -- YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE FEELINGS. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ACT OUT ON THEM OR EXUDE THEM IN HARMFUL BEHAVIORS. I've seen the dichotomy whereas one claims it isn't morally compassable to have potentially negative emotions, and another that states coping mechanisms, even if they hurt people, are fine. It is within human means to be angry, to be sad, to be [X], but if you act out on it and it negatively affects people around you -- and perhaps even yourself -- don't do it.

Sorry for this tangential addition -- Your stamp is lovely :)
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I agree. It is important to learn how to express yourself safely. :)
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Pastel-Patches, Pastel-Dream, or Pastel-cloud
what is your favorite because i can't decide okay bye thanks random person
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I'm all for alliteration, usually, but I think I like Pastel-Dream the most!
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