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MeMeMe Wallpaper

A wallpaper I quickly created based on the new and popular Anime Music video Me!Me!Me!
I enjoyed making this, And I'd be happy to share it out for anyone to enjoy.
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Is there a version without the girl? w/ just the colours?
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Nope sorry, Though if im honest, a little pen tooling and eye dropping might give a similar outcome. I can have a look into the matter once im a little more free!
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used as my id. check it out
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Its the internet, I expect it. Im not too bothered, but thanks for pointing it out :)
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Nice wallpaper :D
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Thank you so much man :)
P4st3l-Tr4sh's avatar
Using the wallpaper, I love ME!ME!ME!
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Light26's avatar
I freaking love this song man!!
Great job on the wallpaper btw! She'll always be creepy in my mind (bcoz of the vid) but nicely done here anyway! :la:
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Thank you so very much.
Im not 100% of the song, but I loved the video itself. it looked pretty ad was nicely animated :-)
would you mind mking one of the girl with the four eye mask, as seen close to the end, where theres a pink ring behind her, plz :D
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If you can find an image of them, Ill definitely take a look into it!
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