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Skyward Sword - Goddess Shield

By sugarpoultry
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Decided to upgrade my SS Link cosplay by creating the Goddess Shield. I had the Hylian Shield last time, but since you only get it after beating the entire game (or almost beating), I figured I'd make the shield he has for 80% of the game. ;)

It's 100% hand made, painted, and made of cardboard and foam, and took around 6 hours of work to complete. It was a fun project. ;)

Yes there's stuff wrong with it, go ahead and point them out if it makes you feel good about yourself. >_< Or just keep critiques to yourself, please.

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Marvelous! *_*
What kind of paint did you use? I'm willing to do this shield as well.
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For the silver parts I just used rustolium metallic spray paint, and just regular acrylic for the pink parts. :)
sesshowmall's avatar
For the silver parts I intend to use the inner side of tetra pak boxes. It's kind of "shiny" and silver. My goal is to use fiberboard and other reciclable materials.
sesshowmall's avatar
This is the most beautiful Zelda shield. Too bad it isn't the strongest. I'm just really tired of Hylia Shield. xD
onisuu's avatar
Ohh! Wonderful job! ' 7 '
MDVillarreal's avatar
Amazing work with this! Very clever thinking.
WowFantasticCosplay's avatar
Looks great! Very cool. I always loved this shield. :la:
Myn-Anthony's avatar
In fact, I disliked it so much that I never upgraded from the previous version. :P I did the same with the bow. I didn't hate the final upgrade for the bow, but I preferred the second-to-last one. I think I upgraded both right before beating the game, but only for the sake of total completion. Yeah, I'm one of those gamers. :P
sugarpoultry's avatar
Hahaha yah I didn't like it either, but oh well. XD
Myn-Anthony's avatar
Yeah, you can't always like every little thing in a game. :XD: It's still an awesome game with many awesome things. :D
Myn-Anthony's avatar
I never liked the Goddess Shield. The stupid face is stupid looking to me. :P Your re-creation of it is great, though! *.* :D
T0m1n8or's avatar
Looking good so far.
TuxedoWerewolf's avatar
That's really nice! :D
the-dragoness-DM's avatar
haha awesome XD i have but one question, why is it pink? :P
sugarpoultry's avatar
Ask the creators of Zelda. *shrugs* All the Shields leading up to the Hylian Shield are pink. ;)
the-dragoness-DM's avatar
dafuq? are you serious? because in the game they are blue :P
sugarpoultry's avatar
Nope, pink/purple: [link]
Granted, I didn't have the exact paint colors I required for my shield, but it still works. :)
the-dragoness-DM's avatar
oh wait :D you're right, i'm confused with the hylian shield ^^;
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