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May 17, 2021
[PRE-ORDER] Look to the Stars Iridescent Foil by sugarpoultry
Featured by TsaoShin
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Look to the Stars Iridescent Foil


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NEW product available!! Gorgeous iridescent foil Dragonheart portrait prints!!
More info about ordering below!!…

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Full body sticker:…

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SapphireSquire's avatar

Just wanted to pop back in to say my sticker had just arrived and it is perfect! <33 I'll be leaving a 5 star review!

sugarpoultry's avatar

Thank you!!! <3

x-AzariaDragon-x's avatar

I don't know what the sudden love for Dragonheart is about but I support it, this is my favorite childhood movie of all time <3 Well deserved of a DD!

Theeartistkid's avatar

Congrats on the daily deviation!

alienchief's avatar

This has always been one of my favorite quotes ever!

"Without you, where do we go? Where should we turn?"

"To the stars Bowin. To the stars."

ThorinWolfson's avatar

Always remind him of his Oath, Knight of the Old Code.

Kuato-Lives's avatar

I saw this in the theater. Eek! I'm old!

Great work.

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Good to see love for that movie after so many years 😊

shadowfreak98's avatar

I am so happy that even after several years, I was able to recognize Draco qwq

I loved that movie as a kid, thank you for bringing back a good childhood memory uwu rainbow heart

Yami-Horus's avatar

DRACO!!! (ಥ﹏ಥ) This art just made me want to go and listen to the soundtrack. <3

Ilove the way you constructed this image <3 It is a marvelous sticker design.

SapphireSquire's avatar

This is amazing! I could tell it was Draco before I even clicked on the image, you did such a great job capturing his likeness! I'm definitely looking at purchasing the sticker, probably the poster once I have a place to put it up. Well done!

JEart94's avatar

amazing film, amazing character and amazing work on this piece!

Thalia-Dawnbringer's avatar

Gods the feels...! My favorite character from one of my favorite movies :aww: Amazing work!

Dracuofdragonorder's avatar

"The The Stars, Bowen, look to the stars." Draco

AlexanderOfficial17's avatar

Its funny that you just uploaded this because I'm currently working on an Adventure Path for Pathfinder! :)

sugarpoultry's avatar

Not sure what that is or how it relates to Dragonheart? haha

AlexanderOfficial17's avatar

Its another tabletop fantasy roleplaying game similar to D&D but more crunchy and rules heavy.

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KovoWolf's avatar

Congrats on the DD! :la:

sugarpoultry's avatar

Thanks!! So random but yay! haha

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